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UFC Phoenix full fight video highlights: Joe Lauzon wins controversial decision over Marcin Held

Check out the full fight video highlights of Joe Lauzon’s controversial win over Marcin Held in the UFC Phoenix co-main event.

The co-main event for the UFC Phoenix card involved a back and forth bout between Joe Lauzon and Marcin Held that resulted in a split decision in which the winner Lauzon stated that he disagreed with the judges’ take. Lauzon saw early success with damaging elbows in the first round that wobbled Held, which can be argued as the closest that the fight came to being finished. Did the judges get it right?

Check out Eddie Mercado's play-by-play from round 1 of Joe Lauzon vs. Marcin Held:

Round 1- Held presses forward and lands an uppercut as Lauzon dips his head in. Held seems to be much more nimble on his feet than we have seen in the past. Held goes for a takedown but Lauzon unleashes some Travis Browne elbows that rock Held. A gorgeous scramble results with both men returning to their feet. Lauzon pushes Held up against the cage, but Held reverses the position. Held lands a takedown and lands in the guard of Lauzon. Lauzon uses his butterfly guard and an underhook to attempt an escape but Held passes to side control. Lauzon scrambles and uses the cage to stand up inside of the clinch of Held. Held throws a right hand that is blocked by Lauzon on the break. Lauzon closes the distance and lands a knee to the body. Lauzon lands a right that sends Held to the canvas. Held attempts an armbar as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Lauzon

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