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Video: B.J. Penn destroyed by Yair Rodriguez at UFC Phoenix

Check out the full fight video highlights of Yair Rodriguez’ destruction of B.J. Penn in the UFC Phoenix main event.

Yair Rodriguez put on for the UFC Phoenix crowd with a second round TKO finish of the legend B.J. Penn. Rodriguez found wild success in the first frame with an assortment of kicking techniques that had Penn backpedaling for a big chunk of the clock. It was but 28 seconds into the second round that we saw Rodriguez put the icing on the cake with a sensational kick to punch combination that ended the night of Penn. What will be next for the young top 10 featherweight in Yair Rodriguez?

Check out Eddie Mercado's play-by-play from Yair Rodriguez’ annihilation of B.J. Penn:

Round 1- Rodriguez throws a body kick as Penn takes the center. Rodriguez spins and Penn uses it to close the distance. Rodriguez separates and eats a jab from Penn. Left lands for Penn and Rodriguez returns with a jumping kick that is blocked. They clinch up and Rodriguez lands a knee to the body of Penn. Penn lands his right hand, then enters into the clinch. Rodriguez kicks Penn in the head which wobbles Penn. Another knee to the body lands to the body as Penn looks to clinch. Penn is backpedaling as Rodriguez launches kicks to the body and leg. Front kick lands for Rodriguez that hurts Penn. Rodriguez is landing kick after kick, and Penn has no answer. Overhand right lands twice for Rodriguez and the round is over. 10-8 Rodriguez

Round 2- Rear front kick followed by a straight right punch sends Penn to the mat. The referee gives Penn a chance to recover but Rodriguez is all over him. Big John steps in and rescues Penn.

Yair Rodriguez def. B.J. Penn by TKO at :24 of round 2

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