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Judo Chump: Hockey player tranes UFC, KOs opponent like a gentleman

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Anyone remember the intro voice to Blades of Steel? Yeah. That was fun.

As fans of MMA, we understand the power of those that trane UFC. We’ve witnessed its power and seen its greatness. We’ve marveled at technical masterpieces in side the cage and ring, and fret for those foolish enough to challenge those that do Jiu-Jitsus and Mooey Ties, combined.

But as we know, the effectiveness and deadliness of this style of fighting is not something that can be contained within a ring or cage. Sometimes, the truest form of punchyface can manifest itself in other venues and on unstable ground.

All of this brings us to today’s tale of violence, in which ECHL league hockey players Adam Vay and Michael Houser were involved in a brief yet violent fracas in which the competitors engaged in precisely the kind of brutality that Academy Award-winning actress Meryl Streep has been trying to warn you people about. The video below is what happens when you don’t heed the warnings of the star of Ricki and the Flash.

(Courtesy of Deadspin)

Vay (in orange) actually tranes UFC. He circles his opponent, waits for the opportunity and pops his opponent with a left hand as his opponent goes for a weak jab. Vay drops Houser, yet spares his life from a more fatal technique not seen since the days of the almighty Moti Horenstein. It is as sudden as the climax to Kramer vs Kramer. At this point Vay has something akin to Sophie’s Choice - should he lord this win over his vanquished foe? Should he perhaps allow his opponent to save face and allow him to stand?

As hockey is purely a Canadian sport, Vay does the most Canadian thing possible and helps him up as a true gentleman should. But Houser learned a very important lesson in the still of the night - never cross someone that can hit you so hard it can give you heartburn.

Something, something, deer hunter.


Because the internet is most benevolent, another video is available in which you can see that House got hit with the double tap. Big ups to Jason Beatty for the find.