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Video: Jamie Foxx involved in altercation, ends it with RNC

The Hollywood star took matters into his own hands.

As we’ve seen before, sometimes people have a way of finding or getting into trouble no matter how rich or famous they are. And now, we have the latest celebrity to be engaged in an altercation - Jamie Foxx.

Last Saturday, Foxx and some of his friends were at the trendy Catch restaurant in Los Angeles and were enjoying their evening when they were approached by a man that had a complaint.

As TMZ Sports noted:

Jamie and some friends were in the patio area at Catch restaurant when a guy came up and complained the group was too loud. One witness says the guy mouthed off, "You don't want to mess with me. I'm from New York."

A comedian who was at Jamie's table fired back, "F*** you I'm from Oakland."

Eyewitness accounts seem to vary as to how the physical interaction began. Some believe the man grabbed Foxx and pulled him down, others say he lunged at him directly. The general consensus is that at some point Foxx turned the man around using stealth and put him in what was described as a choke hold, eventually bringing him to the ground after he had taken the bait. The video itself is rather grainy, so it is difficult to see how exactly the hold was applied. One thing is very clear, and it’s that the man was subdued in a relatively short period of time.

Foxx is definitely more than familiar with MMA, having professed his love for former champion and MMA legend Chuck Liddell and hanging out with former women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm.

Looks like something rubbed off on him and he used it to his advantage. Well played, Mr Foxx.

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