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Jon Jones: Ronda Rousey ‘has a bright future ahead of her,’ but needs to work on her striking

The former UFC light heavyweight champion recently gave his thoughts on Rousey’s recent loss, Holm vs. Nunes, and his place in the 205 division.

Jon Jones is sitting out a 12-month suspension for a failed drug test back at UFC 200, but that doesn’t mean he’s vanished completely from the public eye. Recently, he held a meet-and-greet event with fans, and while there took some time to talk with Fight Hub TV. His own career was front and center, but he also took some time to talk about Ronda Rousey’s recent loss at UFC 207, and what he thinks needs to change if Rousey is going to make a comeback.

“I feel like with Ronda, she's great at grappling and she's great at her throws and everything,” Jones said, “but her striking hasn't quite elevated to the level it needs to be at to compete at the highest level. So yeah, I think she has a bright future ahead of her, I think she still wins against the majority of the division. I think she just needs to do the extra in that striking category to be able to compete when she's not able to take people down to the ground.”

And while Jones may see flaws in Rousey’s game, he had no criticisms to offer about Amanda Nunes. Even when talking a potential fight between Nunes and Jones’ teammate, Holly Holm.

“It's hard to say,” Jones replied, when asked if he thought Holm was the toughest fight out there for Nunes. “Amanda Nunes is looking... She's looked phenomenal and very well rounded. It's hard to beat a champion who has small holes in their game. It's hard to say. I haven't seen Amanda show too many weaknesses, so it's hard to bet against her at this point.”

As for his own career? Jones can’t return to MMA until July, but in the meantime, he’s started hitting the competitive grappling circuit. Most recently, he tapped out MMA legend Dan Henderson at Submission Underground 2. Since then, BJJ fans have been calling for him to face Conor McGregor training partner Dillon Danis. Danis has even been calling Jones out on social media.

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But for Jones’ part, it doesn’t sound like he has much interest in a match with Danis anytime soon.

“With him, you know, he's a lot smaller than me,” Jones said of Danis. So already, going into that grappling match, there's not much to gain. I just beat Henderson and I was a lot bigger than him, so I think right now people would like to see me go against someone who's bigger than me, just have a different challenge. Him telling me to 'beg' him, it was kind of a douchey thing to do. And I felt like I was already at a situation where I have not very much to gain, not many people even know who he is. I just felt like he was being a douchebag and I'm just like, ‘I'm not going to even entertain you.’”

Whoever Jones faces next in sub grappling, the real challenge will be diving back into the light heavyweight division after another year on the sidelines. Jones has only fought once in each of the last three years, and while his last performance wasn’t especially thrilling, he still feels he has claim to being “the best in the world.”

“That's hard to say,” Jones responded when asked where he fits with the light heavyweight division right now. “My last fight wasn't the most entertaining, so it's kind of hard to say where I stack up against the division. I'm still the youngest light heavyweight in the division. I believe I'm still the best in the world and I'm excited to get back out there and prove that.”