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UFC 207: TJ Dillashaw vs. John Lineker full fight video highlights

Watch highlights of T.J. Dillashaw’s dominant win over John Lineker at UFC 207.

T.J. Dillashaw almost certainly sealed himself the next bantamweight title shot, as he dominated John Lineker on the main card of UFC 207: Nunes vs. Rousey. The former champion outstruck the Brazilian, repeatedly took him down, and hammered away with vicious ground-and-pound throughout the fight. Dillashaw neutralized Lineker’s trademark whirlwind of stand-up violence, and presumably we’ll be seeing him and Cody Garbrandt do battle later this year.

Watch video highlights of Dillashaw’s performance at the top of the page. Here’s Tim Burke’s play-by-play of a lopsided round 2, which was deemed a 10-8 round in the eyes of two judges.

Round 2 - Body shot from Lineker. Takedown from Dillashaw. He looks for the back but Lineker spins out and returns to his feet. Lineker with a left. Lineker tries again but Dillashaw deftly steps away. Body kick and a takedown. TJ moves to side and lands two big elbows. He's really opening up now. Lineker looked for a kneebar, but Dillashaw moved to mount. Lineker retained half guard. More punches from Dillashaw. He's landing a ton of shots to the face. Lineker is just eating them. Thudding elbows. 10-9 Dillashaw.