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UFC 207: Dominick Cruz vs. Cody Garbrandt official scorecards

Tony Weeks certainly had an interesting scorecard turned in for Cody Garbrandt’s eventual unanimous decision win over Dominick Cruz at UFC 207.

UFC 207: Cruz v Garbrandt Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Cody Garbrandt is the UFC’s new men’s bantamweight champion, having bested Dominick Cruz by unanimous decision at UFC 207. It was a thrilling Fight of the Night performance by Garbrandt, who became only the 2nd man to defeat Cruz in MMA competition, and the 1st one to do so at 135 lbs. Garbrandt effectively won the fight with his superior striking display in rounds 3-4, including multiple knockdowns of Cruz in the 4th.

The official scorecards read 48-46, 48-46, and 48-47 in Garbrandt’s favor, but judges Derek Cleary, Jeff Mullen, and Tony Weeks all saw the fight differently. Sherdog’s Mike Fridley shows you the round-by-round scoring.

Cleary and Mullen both awarded 10-8s to Garbrandt for the 4th round, but their scoring of rounds 1-2 were flipped, as Mullen went R1 - Cruz and R2 - Garbrandt, while Cleary had R1 - Garbrandt and R2 - Cruz. Tony Weeks had Cruz up 29-28 after round 3, didn’t award a 10-8 to Cody in round 4, and gave Garbrandt round 5 and thus the victory.

If you’re interested in the official FightMetric striking totals, Cruz outlanded Garbrandt in total significant strikes in every round, but needed nearly 100 more attempts to land 20 more strikes. Of course, this is just looking purely at the numbers devoid of context, whereas if you watched round 4, Cruz may have statistically landed more on Garbrandt, but Cody dropped his foe twice and had him hurt multiple times over. It’s just something worth noting from Friday night’s UFC 207 co-main event.