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Alistair Overeem explains why he was late for UFC 203 weigh-ins

UFC heavyweight title challenger Alistair Overeem was fined for being late to the scales today. He explains the situation.

Alistair Overeem has been in a lot of fights over his MMA and kickboxing career, but tomorrow's UFC heavyweight title shot against Stipe Miocic might be the biggest yet. So it was a bit puzzling that Overeem showed up late to weigh in for his UFC 203 bout. It turns out that he was fined $500 by the Ohio commission for his faux pas, but he successfully made weight and the bout is official.

The question remained though - what happened? Well, Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting was able to catch up with Overeem right after he got off the scale to ask him about it:

"It's okay. I was a little bit late. We were a little bit slow. Yeah, just a little bit slow. I didn't know it was that late."


"It's a new procedure. We're doing the official weigh-ins in the morning. It's my first time doing it like this in the morning. It was from 9 to 11, and I was here at 11 exactly. You know, I'm half Jamaican. Jamaicans are....*laughs*. So yeah, we heard about it a little from the commission. But we're here. We weighed in. It's all good I guess now."

So, it appears to be much ado about nothing. Overeem came in at 248.5 pounds and is ready to go tomorrow night. Check out the whole video above, where he discusses his long career and the lead-up to his title shot.