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Video: Georges St-Pierre reveals reason for not being able to finish fights

Georges St-Pierre sheds light on his apparent inability to finish his last few UFC fights.

The last time Georges St-Pierre earned a stoppage victory in the UFC was in 2009 at UFC 94, when he defeated BJ Penn via fourth round TKO in their rematch. Since then, the former long-time welterweight champion won his next seven fights by decision.

St-Pierre has often drawn flak for his inability to finish fights. Particularly in his last three bouts against Carlos Condit, Nick Diaz, and Johny Hendricks, GSP was seen to be merely fighting to survive and pick up a decision win, rather than going for the kill to finish the contest.

In the recent clip of the upcoming documentary film "The Hurt Business," St-Pierre actually conceded to the criticisms that were hurled at him.

"Critics said I was fighting more to win instead of finishing the fight. And it's true," St-Pierre said. "Towards the end I didn't have the same anger, I didn't have the same drive to hurt a guy and to finish it. It's a fact."

"I tried to get it back but it's very hard. I think the best way to get it back for me was to step out. Because it's more of an emotion thing. I was fighting more for winning instead of going through the guy. I needed to step out to let my hunger go up."

As far as having the same anger towards his opponent, St-Pierre says he is open to a rematch against Nick Diaz, and promised a "way worse beating", should the fight take end up taking place.