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Video: MMA judge uses RNC to subdue man armed with a butcher’s knife

On the streets of York a passerby with MMA training dived in to help a police officer subdue an armed suspect.

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SWNS, City of York Council

Dramatic footage came to light yesterday of an incident which occurred last September in the city centre of York, England.

The grainy footage, which comes courtesy of SWNS and the City of York Council, shows Dean Edwards, 28, riding a bicycle at approximately 10:50pm. CCTV cameras monitored Edwards, whose behaviour was deemed unusual enough for the local police to be called.

The newly released footage shows the moment when Police Constable Rich Farrar arrived on the scene to question Edwards. As reported by The Daily Star, PC Farrar described Edwards as “verbally aggressive and confrontational.” Based on this, PC Farrar decided to search Edwards.

As he was being frisked, Edwards jumped back - suddenly, prompting PC Farrar to tackle him to the ground. While on the concrete, Edwards managed to roll PC Farrar and during the process, a 12-inch butcher knife, that had been fashioned around his waist, dropped to the ground.

With his weapon resting by the curb, Edwards attempted to flee, but PC Farrar grabbed a hold of him again. The pair then fell to the ground and wrestled in the middle of the road. After PC Farrar got Edwards somewhat under control, Andy Haigh approached the scene.

Haigh, 49, rushed to the side of PC Farrar and initially tried to help the constable handcuff the struggling Edwards. Haigh then opted to apply a rear naked choke, allowing PC Farrar to fully search and detain Edwards.

According to The Daily Star, Haigh trains in both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The Telegraph adds that Haigh works as an MMA judge in nearby Leeds. When speaking with the The Daily Star, Haigh said, “I couldn’t see him struggle on his own. He was a lone police officer trying to make an arrest and I just helped him out.”

The Telegraph reported that Edwards was sentenced to 30 months in prison for the incident. You can see the entire fracas in the video below:

Questions on Haigh’s technique can be directed to Bloody Elbow’s resident grappling analysts T.P. Grant and Raphael Garcia on twitter.