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Aldo: It’s not about McGregor, dissatisfaction with UFC was ‘brewing for a long time’

Jose Aldo details the many reasons he wants to leave the UFC.

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Jose Aldo has been vocal about his displeasure with the UFC lately, saying he doesn’t trust Dana White, and that he wants a release from the promotion. He is so upset about the situation that he says he would rather compete in a different sport and is willing to take the UFC to court to get free from his contract.

Aldo and his coach Andre Pederneiras detailed the reasons for all this, with both saying it’s not just “one thing or two things or three things” they felt disrespected by the UFC.

“First of all, my dissatisfaction is not about not getting this fight with Conor McGregor,” Aldo told Yahoo Sports. “My dissatisfaction has been brewing for a long time. Before my loss to McGregor when I had to pull out of our first fight, I was not happy with the way the UFC spun my rib injury. I was not happy to see them mischaracterize my injury and not support me as I had to pull out of that fight.”

Apart from how his injury was handled, the long time featherweight champ also noted that he was never given the immediate rematch he was promised. There were also times in the past where he wanted to have champion vs champion super-fights, but Dana wouldn’t allow him to keep the belt like they’re allowing McGregor to do now.

There’s also the bit about money. According to Aldo, apart from his low base salary, he also never received any “locker room bonuses” that a lot of other fighters get.

“I don’t think what I’ve received in the UFC is commensurate with what I have achieved as an athlete or what I’ve done in the sport and in my weight class,” he said. “But that’s not all that different from other UFC athletes. We all know the pay is not what it should be.”

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As Aldo notes, it’s not just specifically about McGregor, nor was it about him personally. It’s a combination of empty promises and certain situations where he feels unappreciated and disrespected.

“Frankly, it’s starting to feel like a circus with promises made and not kept. If that’s how it is going to be, I don’t want to be a part of it anymore.”

“I don’t feel on the professional side I’ve gotten the respect I’m due and I’ve lost my passion,” Aldo said. “I’ve lost my motivation for this sport because of the way things have gone. I am in peace, but I want to be released and done with the UFC.”

Aldo’s coach Pederneiras says he wants a release not to fight in other MMA organizations, but just to be free of them contractually, and be able to do business and enter deals without their permission.

Aldo says he has no interest in fighting again and also mentioned the possibility of signing with a professional football team.