What is the best Striking Skills/Style to learn as a 14 year old wrestler who wants to fight in MMA one day?

I know some very educated Striking/Fighting Fans visit this site and write for it as well. My question is this:

If you were a 14 year old kid who is a strong Wrestler, Already training Jiu Jitsu & loves it (at a small school which is in a local gym, not an MMA gym but we do have MMA gyms in the area, but for someone who is young and not ready to compete, wouldn't a pure Striking school 2-3 days a week be best?

We have legit Boxing Gyms in the area that have produced World champs but I have no idea if that is the best way to go but it seems that is what everyone keeps talking about as the best since this area has produced guys like Roy Jones, Winky Wright, Tarver, Lacey, Berto, and other's.

Thai Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate (What Kind) would you suggest? and how do you know if they are legit. I know you can't judge a coach by how he looks since some guys get old. But what are legit Karate credentials, Kickboxing etc. I would think if you have never competed in pro or amateur fights you should not be running classes, is that right? What does Thompson's dad coach? Gsp Learn? I think that in and out style is the way to go for a wrestler, but I know Boxing is bad when you think you are safe and not aware of "Kicking Distance" Would boxing cause bad habit's? I am curious as to what is the best route to go, I think it is good to learn striking and bjj now while pursuing Wrestling through High School and then see what you want to do.

Just curious what you guys think. I know what Joe Rogan thinks but for some reason Karate is kind of considered "A scam" in the minds of many people.

It is also funny that everyone loves the Diaz Brothers, Jones, DC, and everyone sees Dc as a wrestler/Boxer,same with Khabib, but that is not correct right? You only start learning all the arts once you get a foundation and understanding right? I am legit lost when it comes to striking, and how to start the right way, I could only imagine if someone wasted 4 years 3 nights a week, paying money to learn some whack Nin Jitsu.

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