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Aldo: GSP wanted 10 million to fight McGregor, Dana White said no

Jose Aldo's grievances with the UFC have led him to spill a few stories. One of the more interesting statements he made was that Georges St-Pierre wanted 10 million dollars to fight Conor McGregor, and the UFC turned that down.

Mark Blinch/Getty Images

Jose Aldo has some things to say, and some of them are potentially explosive. Aldo is very angry with the UFC after they decided to book Conor McGregor against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 instead of giving him the rematch he was promised. He has stated that he will look to move to another sport, and could even challenge his contract in court. But one of his biggest weapons might just be his knowledge of the inner workings of the UFC, and he's not being shy about sharing this information.

In a phone interview with Combate (via Forbes), Aldo had quite a story. According to the interim featherweight champion, former P4P king Georges St-Pierre asked for 10 million dollars to make his comeback against McGregor. Aldo also said that Dana White turned him down, instead choosing to book McGregor in a rematch against Nate Diaz at UFC 202 (translation via Reddit user trulyskeptical):

"I think that my life and the whole featherweight division needs to keep going, not being stalled while he (McGregor) does three fights in the lightweight division. Another one that he wanted to do, make a super fight with Georges St-Pierre, which didn't work out because Georges wanted 10 million dollars and Dana didn't want to pay it. So he still put him with Nate for the second time. So for me, Dana's word is worthless."

St-Pierre stepped away from the sport in late 2013 and a comeback has been a talking point ever since, especially in the last little while since he has been added to the USADA testing pool. There has been a lot of speculation that he would fight at UFC 206 in Toronto, but White has poured cold water on that rumor.

McGregor went on to win that rematch with Diaz, leading to the aforementioned lightweight title shot against Alvarez in November. Aldo's status with the organization remains in question at the moment, but we'll have to see if he has any other stories to share.