The horror of a Cyborg weight cut ft. Tito Ortiz

Greetings fellow elbowers,

If you haven't seen "Cyborg" Cristiane Justino's 2016 documentary I recommend checking it out on YouTube. Her weight cut is beyond awful. She looks pale and disoriented. This was even before the IV ban. Remember this woman wants to have children some day. If this doesn't change minds about Cyborg making 135 or continuing to fight at 140 then just imagine how this would feel if she were menstruating (which may not happen regularly). Ladies with lived experience feel free to (over)share what that is like.

Fun facts about Cyborg:

She's not just NICE, she's "cutting 20lbs of water while being berated by Tito Ortiz without snapping his neck" nice

Cyborg was very muscular as a child

Her mother has a deep voice too

She's got feminine tastes. It's not just for show, like when the UFC puts make up on the butches in the women's bantamweight division (I'm lookin' at you Rocky).

I have the same hat Cyborg's boyfriend wears in the video. It's a good hat if you take the sticker off the bill...

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