Popek Rak's (Polish CM Punk, only worse) debut in KSW

KSW hired rapper Popek (DON'T CLICK that link - it's a representative sample of his artistic output) to fight Mariusz Pudzianowski.

Combined record of guys Popek beat is 1-9. And the guy he lost to is 4-3.

KSW also hired roided up Rousimar Palhares (doping testing in KSW is an IQ test that even Palhares can pass easily)

I thought I want to write in extent on the situation in KSW but really, there's no need. The last question worth asking was bout between Mamed Khalidow and Michał Materla. After that there's absolutely nothing and the purpose ot this post is:

1. Mention someone with 1-9 record

2. Advice everyone to watch anything but KSW.

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