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Fight to Win Pro 13 recap and results: Yoshida defends title

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Baret Yoshida defended his featherweight title.

fight to win pro 13 poster

Fight to Win Pro 13 featured a number of the best athletes in competitive grappling. In the main event former mixed martial artist, Baret Yoshida, successfully defeated Mike Reyna to defend his featherweight black belt title.

Yoshida and Reyna took to the ground immediately as both pulled guard and looked for sweeps. Even though they switched position a few times, neither one found himself in a dominant position to attack. Yoshida was the first to find an opening to attack when he set up an omoplata that allowed him to take Reyna’s back. Reyna would be unable to get Yoshida off of his back. As moments passed, Yoshida would secure the position and eventually force the submission via a bow and arrow choke.

Other than the main event, the night featured some other great matchups. Brick Welch defeated Andre Manceo with a sudden foot lock to win Fight of the Night honors. Purple belts Dania Aj and Taylor Biagi also had a great showing to take home their own stake of the Fight of the Night award. Rajacic Aleksandar, Matt Leighton and Greyson Christian all earned Submission of the Night honors.

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Full Results

Black Belt Results

Baret Yoshida defeats Mike Reyna Choke

Michael Marrello defeats Simon Park decision

Brick Welch defeats Andre Maneco footlock FOTN

Steve Patterson defeats Chris Hartwig armbar

Mark Vives defeats Joel Blanton Armbar

Jeff Serafin defeats Tommy Woodruff decision

Rajacic Aleksandar defeats Said Hatim heel hook SOTN

Daniel Vianna defeats Mike Cimm armbar

Brandon Batchelor defeats Steve Kinnison decision

Brown Belt Results

Antoine Evans defeats Chris Reyes FOTN

Matt Leighton defeats Kaelum Kalista armbar SOTN

Doc Jimmy defeats Josh Passini choke

Michael Hagl defeats Kent Rexford decision

Danilo Borovic defeats Ashur Darmo split decision

Blake Klassman defeats Eric Boleaga armbar

Purple Belts

Dania Aj defeats Taylor Biagi FOTN

John Mejia defeats Artie Grubba decision

Aaron Brooks defeats Caio Oliviera decision

Alex Yablong defeats Brian Radtke Decision

Matt Paul defeats Joe Debias choke

Greyson Christian defeats Nicholas Spacek SOTN

Eric Huebner defeats Chris Hubbart decision

Nikki Sullivan defeats Cristina Anaya submission

Jeff Yumul defeats Eric Forschler choke

Teens and Kids

Alex Salas defeats Brian Boleaga submission

Pauly Westoff defeats Kai Calcutt decision