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MMA fighter arrested for alleged kidnap, sexual assault of unconscious victim

Rage in the Cage veteran Rodolfo Ramirez was arrested by Scottsdale police for allegedly kidnapping and assaulting an unconscious victim. 

Scottsdale Police Department

Scottsdale police arrested a man suspected of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a female victim who had passed out after leaving a night club last Saturday night. According to reports, the alleged assailant is Rodolfo Ramirez, an MMA fighter who competed for Rage in the Cage.

Police detectives revealed that the victim later reported that she was unable to walk home when she left the club, and was left around a corner while her friend went to pick up the car to drive them home. Moments later, the unconscious victim was picked up by Ramirez, who carried her into a parking garage, where he allegedly assaulted her. Surveillance cameras captured Ramierez's assault, which included carrying the victim over his shoulder into the parking lot. The fighter then took an Uber with the woman to his home and assaulted her two more times.

Eventually, Ramirez dropped his alleged victim off near a friend's dorm, where she remained in a state of shock until she contacted the police.

When the police contacted Ramirez, he initially denied his encounter with the victim, though later backtracked and stated that he had indeed met her that night. However, his defence was that she wasn't "pretty enough" and "not his type," according to reports. He denied any sexual wrongdoings and admitted to "consensual sex" before agreeing that the victim couldn't have consented due to her intoxicated state.

Court documents reveal that Ramirez reportedly told the police that he is "not a bad guy." The 28-year-old is facing charges that include two counts of kidnapping, three counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual abuse.