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UFC Brasilia: Tommy Toehold’s top fighter picks

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Bloody Elbow content partner, Tommy Toehold is back with another fight prediction video.

UFC Fight Night: Brasilia is just hours away, but the fervor that typically precedes fight day seems to be dialed down a few notches. It might be that fans are feeling bogged down by the never-ending stream of cards that have been lobbed at the community all summer long, or that they are beginning to wake up to the fact that Cris Cyborg shouldn’t be killing herself to make 140. Whatever the reason may be, everything around this card seems as though the edges have been blunted, the lights have been turned down and the music has been lowered to a barely audible hum.

So, what’s the cure to get out of these UFC doldrums? How do we put some pizazz back into the day? I’ll tell you how in two words: Tommy Toehold.

That’s right, friends. Bloody Elbow content partner, Thomas J. Toehold, Esquire is back with another breakdown video to help get you hyped up for tonight’s card. He’s chosen his Top 5 favorites from the card, and we’ve got a transcript of one of those five to get you started.

“My third pick is Stevie Ray. Here's a guy that won't be on a lot of radars from the early prelims, but he has two finishes in three UFC bouts, and he’s a high volume striker, nearly doubling the output of his opponent. Even if this one goes the distance, Ray should end up with a pretty comfortable victory.”

You can check out the rest in the video below.