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Mickey Gall responds, challenges Sage Northcutt to hair match

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CM Punk conquerer Mickey Gall suggested a pro-wrestling style hair match for his next bout against Sage Northcutt.

MMA: UFC 203-Gall vs Punk John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Immediately after beating CM Punk at UFC 203, Mickey Gall took the mic and called out fellow reality show alum Sage Northcutt. Since then, the two prospects have gone back and forth in the media.

Most recently, Northcutt took shots at Gall’s strength of competition, saying he went 2-0 in the UFC against old and inexperienced fighters. He says it’s basically ‘like fighting someone's dad that has trained very little for a fight.’

Both men have also spoken about each other’s hairstyles, and Gall has since responded on social media, suggesting an added stipulation to their future bout.

Gall was referring to Northcutt being unable to compete by UFC 205 because of a staph infection.

As for wanting a pro-wrestling style stipulation for his next MMA bout, it is interesting note that Mickey’s last opponent in CM Punk also had a hair match during his time with the WWE.

Punk, who played the heel back then, lost the match and had his head shaved by Rey Mysterio.