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USADA still investigating Nate Diaz despite clean UFC 202 drug tests

Nate Diaz’s post-fight CBD vaping has him still under investigation by USADA, despite the fact that he passed all his pre & post-fight drug tests.

Nate Diaz vape pen UFC 202 Screenshot

For those familiar with USADAs reputation, this is probably not going to come as much of a surprise. For those familiar with the Diaz bros, it’s just about business as usual.

As most fans already know, in the aftermath of UFC 202, Nate Diaz gave a now-infamous post-fight press scrum where he appeared to be vaping. When asked what the substance he was inhaling was, Diaz admitted it was cannabidiol (also known as CBD) oil and that he was taking it to help “with the healing process and inflammation.”

Problem is, CBD (and most other cannabis related products) are banned as “specific substances” by the UFC-anti doping policy in partnership with USADA. And while none of Diaz’s drug tests administered by USADA or the Nevada Athletic Commission tested positive for any illegal substances, his admission of use is still enough to keep him under investigation.

That was the word on the street, shortly after the fight. And it appears to still be the case, even now that the drug test results have been returned. That’s according to a recent report from MMA fighting, who heard from USADA spokesperson Ryan Madden.

Madden confirmed that the testing agency is still investigating Diaz’s admission. However, the report also noted that as CBD oil is a “specific substance” and not a PED, the punishment Diaz could face is much lower. Anything from a public warning to a one year suspension.

Where Nate falls on that spectrum? Only time will tell.