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GSP says Reebok is one of several contract hurdles to UFC return

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Former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre put some extra doubt in the chances of his UFC return with ongoing contract negotiations.

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It’s hardly surprising for those that had their doubts from the outset, but there may still be a few roadblocks in the way of Georges St-Pierre’s return to the UFC. The former welterweight champion has been talking for months now about a potential comeback from his 2013 retirement, even to the point of suggesting potential dates and fights he’d like to be ready for. Is it any wonder that many fans and pundits were starting to treat his UFC return like a done deal?

Well it’s not. While speaking to reporters at the premiere of his new movie Kickboxer: Vengeance, GSP revealed that his return to a now WME/IMG led UFC is far from certain.

"We wanted to get in touch," St-Pierre told MMAFighting. "They were supposed to talk yesterday, but they couldn't reach them. Something happened. They're supposed to reach them. They're unreachable now."

What exactly is it that’s getting in the way of a new contract and a big return fight for one of the UFC’s biggest draws? It’s a few things, apparently, but it’s also Reebok.

"It's a lot of the Reebok deal, but it's also other things, too," St-Pierre said. "The Reebok deal is part of it and it changed a lot of the infrastructure of the contract. This is not my fight. This is my manager's fight."

As one of the UFC’s major stars at the time of his retirement, St-Pierre benefited immensely from his ability to sign personal sponsorship deals and display those sponsors in the Octagon. To date, GSP is still the only individual MMA fighter under contract with the Under Armour. His inability to bring that with him back to the UFC could be a enough to make any potential return talk moot.