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Fight to Win Pro 12 Results: Mackenzie Dern, Ben Henderson pick up wins

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Mackenzie Dern and Benson Henderson were victorious during Saturday’s Fight to Win Pro 12 event.

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Fight to Win Pro picked up where they left off pushing the sport of competitive grappling with Fight to Win Pro 12, held Saturday, September 17. The night featured a number of big matchups in the grappling world, and included former UFC lightweight champion and current Bellator MMA competitor, Benson Henderson. The main event of the evening featured a rematch between BJJ star and world champion, Mackenzie Dern and rival Talita Alencar.

This rematch was just, if not more so, compelling than their previous fights. Dern was aggressive from the start and Alencar didn’t back down at any point. That aggression was most apparent when both women were fighting for leg locks with such fervor that they rolled off the Fight to Win Pro stage.

When the two women were reset on the stage, Dern continued playing a risky open game that led to many different attacks. It was that aggressiveness and Alencar’s inability to pass her guard which gave Dern the unanimous decision victory in the lightweight title match.

Henderson was also victorious in his bout as he won via rear naked choke over Caio Terra BJJ competitor, Jay Pages. Henderson was in attack form throughout the match as he looked for the finish. A well-known mixed martial arts fighter, Henderson has numerous soirees in the sport of competitive grappling, including a run in ADCC.

The entire night brought forth a number of great competitors across the sport of grappling. Video replays are available on Fight to Win Pro 13 is set for Saturday, September 24 in Lynwood, Illinois.

Complete Fight to Win Pro 12 Results

Black Belt Results

Mackenzie Dern defeats Talita Alencar via decision

Benson Henderson defeats Jay Pages via rear naked choke

Steve Judson defeats Shannon Ritch via armbar

Daniel Madrid defeats Shawn Durfee via decision

Issa Able defeats David Farias via heel hook

Andrew Gardineer defeats Beau Tribolet via decision

Diogo Moreno defeats Daniel Hampton via decision

Chris Cariaso defeats Michael Garcia via decision

Carlos Farias defeats JJ Pugsley via neck crank

Kevin Nicasio defeats Jose Munoz via decision

Logan Jewell defeats Daniel Grippaudo via decision

Christian Broadnax defeats Joey Medina via decision

Jonathan Van Buren defeats David Reilly via armbar


Paris Stanford defeats Aaron Wilson via decision

André Almeida defeats Wyatt Shepherd via choke

Vanessa Wexler defeats Lesliee Gardineer via bow and arrow choke

Thomas Keenan defeats Matt Blank via triangle

Michael Kaplan defeats Matt Mamolen via decision

Josh Rodriguez defeats Steeyle Levine via darce choke

Karen Kovach defeats Destiny Adviento via decision

Purple Belt results

Patrick Oskvarek defeats John Naylor via foot lock

Kevin LePert defeats Ian Foss via armlock

John Cabay defeats Jeff Thornton via kimura

Jake Watson defeats JR Redfox via straight ankle lock

Tyson Antillon defeats Nicholas Larosa via submission

Korey Kerber defeats Anson Park via decision

Kids results

Nina Sandoval defeats Jameea Gunn via decision