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UFC Fight Night 94 video recap: Michael Johnson runs through Dustin Poirier

Check out’s recap of the UFC Fight Night 94 main event between Dustin Poirier and Michael Johnson.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Poirier vs Johnson Sean Porkorny-USA TODAY Sports

In the main event of UFC Fight Night 94, which took place live from the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas on Saturday evening, Michael Johnson shocked Dustin Poirier by knocking him out in the first round.

Johnson started off strong with a handful of kicks and strikes from the outside. Soon after, he showed off his speed with a massive one-two combo that put Poirier’s lights out less than two minutes into the five-round main event.

What was the highlight of the main event?

Johnson’s massive shots that demolished "The Diamond" was fantastic, of course. It was essentially a picture-perfect win. It couldn’t have gone any better. So that was the highlight of the fight.

But it was also interesting to see "The Menace" come back so strong after a fairly long layoff and a two-fight losing skid. I think several people doubted Johnson and possibly even forgot about his skills that cracked him into the lightweight division’s top five last year because of those two things. So it was rather cool to see him come back looking better than ever.

Where do these two go from here?

Johnson is back into "the mix" at 155 pounds with his huge with over Poirier, but there aren’t too many options for him right now, with lots of the top 10 booked. Anthony Pettis, who recently dropped down to featherweight, expressed interest in fighting Johnson after the fight, and Johnson appeared to be OK with that matchup, as well. Another fight that makes sense to me is Michael Chiesa, who’s riding a hot streak right now.

Poirier looked great at lightweight since moving up last year until Saturday night. He picked up four straight victories in his new home, but it’s back to the drawing board for him. As the favorite and the higher ranked fighter going into this bout, this is quite a hefty step backwards for "The Diamond." I wouldn’t be opposed to a fight against Gilbert Melendez next.

Watch now, later, or never?

You know you want to check out Johnson’s vicious win over Poirier right away. So do it!