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UFC Hidalgo results and highlights: Skelly sets featherweight record

The main card of UFC Hidalgo had some quick finishes and forgettable decisions.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Skelly vs Blanco Sean Porkorny-USA TODAY Sports

After a mix of finishes on the prelims, the UFC Hidalgo main card continued with the mix of fight results. There was a finish that set a UFC record for quickness, as well as a couple of fights that did the exact opposite. Here are the results:

Evan Dunham def. Rick Glenn by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Dunham was aggressive early, hitting his first takedown attempt and threatening with big punches and submissions from the top. Dunham used his punches to force Glenn against the cage, taking his back and putting in a tight rear naked choke. Glenn was able to escape, but spent the rest of the round in a terrible position.

Dunham went right back to the wrestling in the second round, but this time Glenn was able to get up quickly. Dunham controlled the round, clinching, wrestling and striking with Glenn as the aggressor. The third round was a wild slugfest, with Dunham landing a lot of powerful winging punches on Glenn. Both threw down as the clock ran out.

Roan Carneiro def. Kenny Robertson by split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)

This fight was a back and forth snoozefest with neither fighter damaging the other or threatening with submissions. The crowd booed a lot and Carneiro barely got the better of Robertson.

Islam Makhachev def. Chris Wade by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

This fight went to the ground immediately, with Makhachev pushing for the takedown and Wade attempting a guillotine. The guillotine failed, but Wade eventually ended up on top, but had to fight a tight triangle choke. After a minute of fighting the choke, Wade broke out, ending the round on top of Makhachev.

The second round featured both fighters battle for position on the ground, trading sweeps and submission attempts. Makhachev began dominating the grappling exchanges in the second half of the fight, keeping Wade turtled up and scrambling for position.

Chas Skelly def. Maximo Blanco by submission (anaconda) at 0:19 of Round 1

This was as quick as a submission gets. Skelly and Blanco ran at each other, with Skelly getting the better of the collision. Blanco scrambled to get up, but landed in an anaconda choke after attempting a takedown. Skelly put Blanco to sleep and then called Herb Dean in to stop the fight.