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Conor McGregor on CM Punk's loss: 'Not a lot of people have the balls to make that walk'

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After lambasting WWE superstars in previous rants, Conor McGregor gave his props to CM Punk, despite the latter's loss on Saturday night.

Conor McGregor has been vocal about his opinions about the WWE and its talents. "The Notorious" had previously ripped on the entire roster where he even singled out John Cena, whom he described as a "40-year-old failed Mr. Olympia."

It was a different case for CM Punk, however, who made his UFC debut on Saturday against Mickey Gall. While Punk did lose via rear-naked choke in under three minutes, McGregor recognized the former WWE star’s efforts and guts of stepping up to the plate and taking the fight.

"I’ll tell you what, fair play to him," McGregor told TMZ. "Because he got in there and fought, and not a lot of people do. Not a lot of people have the balls to make that walk, so fair play."

"Got his ass whooped. God bless, he got his ass whooped. Those WWE guys are straight pu****s, I told you so, but he isn’t. He got in and fought. So fair play to him. Respect."