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Fight to Win Pro 11: Recap & results

Fight to Win Pro 11 featured a number of exciting grappling matches.

Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Championship Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images

Saturday night featured a wealth of combat sports action. While much of the attention may have been pointed towards the Octagon or boxing ring; the competitors at Fight to Win Pro 11 were putting on a show of their own. By the end of the evening, these men and women continued to prove that competitive grappling is sport that is growing and worthy of mainstream attention.

In the main event of the evening, grappling mainstay Jeff Glover defeated Justin Radar by decision. This matchup earned Fight of the Night honors as both grapplers exchanged positions and attacks; showing off their ability to attack from nearly every position. Their scrambles left the crowd cheering over and over; as each position created a new opening for a new, intriguing attack.

Multiple-time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion and current Legacy FC middleweight champion Rafael Lovato Jr. was also victorious as he defeated the game Tanner Rice by cross collar choke. This submission earned Lovato Jr. the Submission of the Night honors.

Invicta-FC competitor Andrea Lee also competed as she defeated Ha Bui with a kimura. She held Bui in the position for a number of minutes, working on the transition before securing position and coaxing the tap. Daniel Roberts and Cortez Coleman are two other MMA competitors that faced off in a bout where Roberts won via a quick heel hook for his own Submission of the Night bonus.

Fight to Win Pro continues to put on interesting super fights, bringing together big names in the competitive grappling world. Fight to Win Pro 11 was no different. Replays are available on

Fight to Win Pro: Complete Results

Black Belt Results

Jeff Glover defeats Justin Rader decision FOTN

Rafael Lovato Jr. defeats Tanner Rice Cross collar choke SOTN

James Puopolo defeats Luis Rubalcava cross collar choke

Jams Partridge defeats Jose Llanas decision

Brian Picklo defeats Patrick Miller split decision

Seth Norman defeats Chris Hoddy armbar

Eddie Saenz defeats Omar French decision

Jesse Sunderman defeats William Fox decision

Brown Belt Results

Daniel Roberts defeats Cortez Coleman heel hook SOTN

Dallas Niles-Lovato Bjj defeats Nathan Halford choke

Matthew Vernon defeats Todd Ryan split decision FOTN

Kevin Williams defeats Jon Cobb decision

Michael South defeats Andrew Daugherty Choke

Gabe Cambell defeats Dan Arnette decision

William Pierce defeats Chris Hutchinson decision

Michael Brown defeats Frank Lee Americana

Jarrod Card defeats Melvin Scott Decision

Purple Belt Results

Andrea K Lee defeats Ha Bui KIMURA FOTN

Dillon Thomas defeats JJ Young foot lock

Troy Edmond Russell defeats Andrew Waldon SOTN

Cody Carrillo defeats Michael Mullinax Decision

Kevin N Angel Goodin defeats Derrick Adkins Decision

Spencer Smith defeats Andrew Vu Decision

Edgar Francisco Escalante defeats Shaun Bley decision

Krystina Chad Leonhardtdefeats Robbie Walsh decision

Jason Greer defeats Trevor Booth decision

Randy Ray defeats Tavarez Collins decision

Kids Results

Cain Stockburger defeats Gage Neal Kimura