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CM Punk wants to continue fighting, but White says it probably shouldn't be in the UFC

Will CM Punk's next fight be on the regional circuit? TUF?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

"I'm just disappointed. I'm beating myself up way more than I got beat up," CM Punk said about his first round submission loss to Mickey Gall.

It was his MMA debut, and the former pro-wrestler did it at the biggest promotion in the world, despite not having previous martial arts background. It didn't end up his way, as he succumbed to an early rear naked choke finish, but Punk says he wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

Since he still wants to continue fighting, the question in most people's minds is where does he end up competing next?

"My initial venture into this was going to be at the lowest level. This opportunity just got presented to myself, and I would've been a fool to say no," Punk said. "I don't know what happens from here on out. What if I get cut? I don't know. I think that's a possibility."

"Do I want that to happen? No. But who's to say where I go from here," he said. "I definitely want to keep going. I just fell off a bike. I'm not just going to shove it and leave it in the middle of the street. I've got to get back to the ride."

As for what the UFC brass thinks, Punk says no conversations have happened between them just yet, but Dana White did give a hint on what he wants when speaking to the press.

Whether that means he will get cut or he ends up somewhere else, like maybe on a season of The Ultimate Fighter or some other type of show, remains to be seen. We'll probably find out more in the coming days and weeks, and keep you updated as the situation develops.