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UFC 203 results: Jimmie Rivera shuts down Urijah Faber, wins unanimous decision

Check out the result of the UFC 203: Miocic vs. Overeem PPV main card bout between perennial bantamweight contender Urijah Faber and rising prospect Jimmie Rivera.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off his latest failed attempt to win the UFC bantamweight title, 37-year-old Urijah Faber took on 27-year-old Jimmie Rivera on the main card of UFC 203: Miocic vs. Overeem in Cleveland, Ohio. To this day, Faber had never lost a three-round non-title fight in his entire career, but Rivera entered the Octagon as the favorite, and in search of a "changing of the guard" moment.

Body kick by Faber early. Takedown stuffed by Rivera and then an uppercut on the break. Push kick to the chest by Faber. Quality right hand by Rivera connected on the side of Urijah's head. Quick clinch and Faber landed a knee to the body and Rivera missed on a looping right. Good right by Rivera. Faber threw a lot of kicks in the first few minutes. Rivera caught Faber with a left hook on the break. Rivera with a leg kick to the outside and then another one on the inside. Jimmie closed round 1 slightly better than Faber did.

Nice outside low kick by Rivera, who missed with his body punches. Hard kick by Faber ... to Rivera's balls. Time was called. The fight resumed after a warning by the referee. A legal kick to the body by Faber. Good left hand by Rivera after Faber whiffed on a kick. Beautiful leg kick by Rivera dropped Faber and he clearly felt the impact of that. Glancing right by Rivera. Kick by Faber caught and then a body shot by Rivera. Hard leg kick by Rivera. Faber threw two back but not with the fame ferocity as the New Jersey native. Thudding leg kick again. Straight right and then a duck under by Rivera. Clipping right by Rivera, who was in firm control of the round. Leg kicks just tore Faber apart. Left hook by Rivera to end a dominant round.

Wild swing and a miss by Faber to kick off the 3rd. Decent kick to the body by Urijah. Leg kick attack again by Rivera, as Faber's left leg was clearly unsteady and hurting. Body kick by Rivera and then a body shot followed by a left hook. Another gorgeous kick by Rivera as Faber was coming in. Leg kick, then left hook. Eye poke by Faber with an open hand across the face. Faber didn't get a point taken, but in all honesty he really should have. More crisp counterpunching by Rivera, with Faber looking increasingly helpless. Urijah with a good right hand but not enough in the way of consistent offense. Left hook by Rivera. Faber moved forward to clinch and Rivera threw him aside with over a minute to go. The seconds ticked away and Faber got touched up more in a one-sided fight. Rivera said he couldn't see out of his right eye after the horn had sounded.

Official result: Jimmie Rivera def. Urijah Faber by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Faber is now on a losing streak for the first time in his 13-year career, and it's his first loss in a non-title three-round bout. Rivera will surely make a big leap in the UFC bantamweight rankings.