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UFC 203 Video: Faber, Werdum, and teammates get stuck in an elevator after weigh-ins

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Tried to shoehorn a joke referencing The Omen 2. Rolled snake eyes on that one.

Here's another instance of the MMA Gods throwing all manner of random events at our beloved sport.

On Friday (courtesy of MMA Fighting and ZombieProphet), we had the odd occurrence in which members of Team Alpha Male, Kings MMA, and a few other assorted fighters crammed into an elevator after the weigh-ins for UFC 203 and end up dropping with the door open and then getting stuck.

Now, there were quite a few people in that elevator to begin with. It could very well have been the combined weight of all of the fighters, even if they were lighter than usual. Coaches and fighters CB Dollaway, Yancy Medeiros, Ray Sefo, Fabio Prado, and Babalu Sobral were among those present.

A short video was posted by Alpha Male's Justin Buchholz on Instagram, including the moment where they were rescued by Ali Abdelaziz of all people.

Faber himself then shared a brief celebration of the previously trapped fighters showing gratitude for being let out safe and sound:

As it turns out, that elevator incident has forced C.B. Dollaway to pull out of UFC 203 with a back injury. Let's all hope we don't have any shenanigans of this sort that could endanger the event.

UFC 203 takes place live from the Quicken Loans Center on September 10th, with the main card starting at 10:00pm EST.