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Georges St-Pierre offers to fight Woodley, Maia, or Diaz at UFC 206 in Toronto

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Georges St-Pierre makes his case to headline UFC 206 in Toronto.

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Georges St-Pierre is currently in negotiations with the UFC for a return fight. According to him, the major sticking point is his ‘old’ contract needing to be restructured to account for sponsorships lost now that the Reebok deal is in place.

While he claims his contract requests are ‘reasonable’ and can be met, St-Pierre is now making his case to headline UFC 206 in Toronto, Canada. He started the USADA process for returning athletes last August 10, and interestingly enough, the 4-month period will have him eligible to compete exactly on the card in his home country this December 10.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence, but it’s in Toronto! Who would be the better man, than myself to headline a card in Toronto,” St-Pierre said during an appearance at UFC Tonight. “To fill up the Air Canada (Centre), to get back the Canadian fans, to raise the pay-per-view up, because Rory is going to Bellator. I’m the man for the Job!”

When asked who he would like to face on his return bout, the all-time UFC great gave out a couple of interesting match ups.

“Tyron Woodley, I would fight Tyron Woodley. Nick Diaz. Maia, looked pretty good in his last fight. These guys can elevate me,” he said. “They are not guys that I’m necessarily supposed to beat. So it’s a big risk, but I’m willing to take the risk because these guys are going to elevate me.”

“To get far in this game, it’s not about the guy who has the biggest ‘balls’ so to speak. Sorry for the word, but it’s not about that. It’s not a straight line. You need to know who to go to be able to elevate yourself. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

Dana White, on multiple occasions, has called GSP out publicly to say that he doesn’t have the drive to be champion once again. St-Pierre himself has since issued a response to what he thinks are simply the UFC President’s negotiation tactics.