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UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs Caceres live results, discussion, play by play

Live results and blow-by-blow updates for the UFC in SLC, starring TUF alumni Yair Rodriguez and Alex Caceres.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live and detailed coverage of UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs. Caceres from the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, UT.

Former "The Ultimate Fighter" (TUF) competitors, all now competing as featherweights, make up tonight's main and co-main event: Yair Rodriguez vs. Alex Caceres in the headliner and Dennis Bermudez vs. Rony Jason in the penultimate bout. Supplementing the six-fight main card is a two-tier preliminary lineup boasting sturdy pairings such as Court McGee vs. Dominique Steele (welterweights) and featherweights Cub Swanson vs. Tatsuya "Crusher" Kawajiri.

Live results will commence with the Fight Pass prelims at 7 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week's MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds.

Main Card
(Fox Sports 1, 10 p.m. ET)

Yair Rodriguez vs. Alex Caceres

R1: Caceres looks to stay on the bubble with in-and-out movement and a few long kicks. Caceres lands a nice Superman punch. Rodriguez answers with a jumping switch kick to the body that lands and draws a wry smile from Caceres. Rodriguez scores with a head kick as Caceres is throwing a spinning kick. Rodriguez throws a spinning attack that flows into wide heaters with both hands. Caceres attempting to step back and counter, and he blocks a high kick.

Another spinning attack from Rodriguez but this one transitions into a rolling leg lock; Caceres pulls his leg free and separates. Rodriguez is a nonstop whirlwind of pressure here, and he glances with a tornado kick. Caceres lands an awkward counter right to the body. Rodriguez clinches up but can't keep a grip on Caceres. Lead-leg hook kick from Rodriguez is blocked. Another tornado kick from Rodriguez though this one is blocked. 10-9 Rodriguez.

R2: Rodriguez chops out Caceres' footing with a counter low kick, then continues his wild array of circular striking with a front somersault kick. Another odd, jumping body punch glances for Caceres. Rodriguez knifes into range with a clubbing right hand to the head. Caceres separates and jogs away from Rodriguez to get some distance. Rodriguez scurries forward to close the gap but eats a hard right to the face, probably Caceres' best shot of the fight.

Glancing front-leg side kick from Caceres. Rodriguez forces a clinch but breaks it with a right elbow upstairs, still fighting at a frenetic clip. Left cross lands for Rodriguez before dodging a Caceres flurry. Front-leg side kick lands to the knee for Rodriguez. Two hard right body kicks now from Rodriguez. 10-9 Rodriguez.

R3: Spinning left kick to the body is good for Rodriguez, who then pushes Caceres back with a five-punch combo. Good defense from Caceres but he can afford little attention to his own offense. Nice one-two lands for Caceres, who then circles off the fence after Rodriguez clinches and scores with a knee downstairs.

More relentless and artful combinations from Rodriguez though his pace has dropped a notch. Caceres catches him with a left hand. And another medley lands for Caceres, this one a three-piece, and he follows with a strong knee to the body. Now a lead right hook and another three-punch combo for Caceres, who's turning it on out of nowhere. They clinch up in the center and Caceres gets the rear waist lock; Rodriguez drops for a rolling kneebar but Caceres avoids it and ends up on top. Hard right lands for Caceres in the guard of Rodriguez. Now an elbow, and another to the body. 10-9 Caceres.

R4: Rodriguez checks an outside low kick and lands one of his own. Rodriguez finds the mark with a lead left cross. Stiff jab from Caceres. Rodriguez answers with a jab. And another. Caceres scores with a right, then a glancing left .Lead-leg side kick to the knee from Rodriguez.

Rodriguez comes forward with another unorthodox spinning entry but he's moving about half as fast as he was earlier. Another side kick to the knee from Rodriguez, then an outside low kick. Caceres lands a knee to the body in a quick clinch encounter. Sharp jab lands for Caceres, then they trade clean jabs. Another clean jab from Rodriguez. Caceres answers. 10-10.

R5: Rodriguez catches a kick and glances with a right hand. Caceres ducks a punch and puts Rodriguez on the cage with an under-hook. Rodriguez circles off and lands a knee upstairs on the break. Two clean jabs from Rodriguez, then he lands short on a right high kick and scores with a jab. Caceres ducks under another punch but this time he's able to hit an outside trip from the body lock. Rodriguez forces a scramble and counter-wrestles into a reversal, nearly taking Caceres' back before they separate.

Glancing one-two from Caceres, then another that he closes with a body kick. Rodriguez lands an off-balance lead left and glances with a follow-up right. Rodriguez attacks the lead leg with an inside and outside low kick. Now a short left for Rodriguez followed by a hard side kick to the knee. He finishes the fight throwing another somersault kick. 10-9 Rodriguez. I have it 49-47 Rodriguez.

  • Yair Rodriguez defeats Alex Caceres by split decision (46-49, 48-47 x2)

Dennis Bermudez vs. Rony Jason

R1: Jason glances with a switch jump knee to the body. Jason switches stances and glances with a left kick to the body, then returns to orthodox. Bermudez closes a charging one-two with a left body kick. Jason catches him with a counter right, then a long jab. Now an overhand right slips through for Jason. Bermudez lands a hard outside low kick that leads into a successful double leg.

Jason boots him away with both feet in the chest but Bermudez dives back into his guard. Jason angles his hips for an armbar, then tries to switch to a triangle but Bermudez postures high to break it. Jason slings a leg over to threaten with another triangle but Bermudez again patiently works out of it. Bermudez drops an atrocious forearm that lands with a sickening thud, and Jason's forehead immediately pops open and starts to pour out blood. Bermudez keeps Jason cross-faced in a pool of crimson on the mat. 10-8 Bermudez for the skull-splitting elbow.

R2: Bermudez gets clipped by a right hand when coming in wildly for a takedown attempt but he recovers and drives Jason to the mat. Back ride with one hook in for Bermudez with a steady drubbing of left hands to the head. Jason gets back on his feet and manages to separate. Bermudez digs his shin deep into the calf with an outside low kick. And another.

Bermudez lands a chopping right hand and follows it with a single leg takedown. Hard inside elbow to the face from Bermudez. Jason rolls into a leg lock but uses the space to escape back to his feet. Bermudez steamrolls his way inside and rag-dolls Jason to the canvas, though he can't keep him there. Bermudez walks through a right hand to clinch up and pursue a single leg. Jason shakes it off and separates into open space. Bermudez slips a right kick to the ribs, then finishes the round with another power double. 10-9 Bermudez.

R3: Bermudez gets a glove in front of a flying knee to the head from Jason. Bermudez lands an inside low kick but gets caught with a counter punch. Two consecutive outside low kicks from Bermudez, the first of which was set up nicely with his hands. Make it three in a row. Bermudez shoots from way outside and Jason stops it with the front headlock.

Jason dings him with a clean counter left. Bermudez glances with a left hook. Another outside low kick from Bermudez. Jason glances with a right hand and Bermudez clinches up. Bermudez seems on the verge of dumping Jason with another double leg but Jason amazingly hits a switch and lands on top. Jason takes the back of Bermudez and puts both hooks in. Bermudez spins into him fluidly, then goes to work in Jason's closed guard. Cleaving elbow to the face from Bermudez, and he opens up the cut on Jason's forehead. 10-9 Bermudez. I have it 30-26 Bermudez.

  • Dennis Bermudez defeats Rony Jason by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)

Chris Camozzi vs. Thales Leites

R1: Leites enters the clinch early and Camozzi circles off the fence. Leites returns the favor and starts working a trip from the clinch. Leites entangles a leg and triangles it, then knocks Camozzi off balance. Camozzi gets back to his feet but Leites has the rear waist lock, then jumps to back control with one hook in. Camozzi shakes out the hook and Leites trips him to the canvas momentarily.

Leites returns to back control with a hook in until Camozzi peels it out. Leites trips him to the floor and then jumps onto his back again, this time getting both hooks in. Now a body triangle for Leites and a volley of left hands to the head in standing back mount. Leites starts working for the choke with a minute left. Leites alternates between choke attempts and lefts to the head until time expires. 10-8 Leites.

R2: Camozzi opens with a sharp inside low kick. Leites clinches up and hits a trip, this time keeping Camozzi flat on his back. Camozzi lands a short left elbow from double butterfly guard. Leites passes to half guard, then side control. Leites threads an arm through and starts to tie on a D'arce choke as Camozzi turtles, then he bails on it to take back control.

Leites applies a body triangle and adheres to Camozzi's back for a full minute. Camozzi, a little helpless considering the position, tries to spin into Leites and ends up turtling. Stifling back control from Leites with a few left hands mixed in. 10-8 Leites.

R3: Camozzi comes out swinging with both hands, then looks for a knee to the face from the Thai plum when Leites lowers his head. Short jab from Camozzi but Leites gets inside and hits an outside trip. The crowd, knowing they're likely headed for another five minutes of uneventful control, lets out a collective groan. Leites slithers into back control and applies the body triangle, seemingly sealing the aforementioned prophecy.

But, alas! Leites snakes his forearm under the chin and forces Camozzi to tap. The crowd offers, at best, a lukewarm applause.

  • Thales Leites defeats Chris Camozzi by submission (rear-naked choke) R3 2:58

Zak Cummings vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio

R1: Light inside low kick is there for Cummings. Short, glancing counter left lands for Cummings. Straight left threads through now for Cummings, followed by a jab. Inside low kick and a glancing jab from Cummings. Ponzinibbio gets on the board with a sharp right upstairs. Cummings shoots a double leg but Ponzinibbio stays up and lands short uppercuts, then denies Cummings' transition to a single leg.

Glancing left off the back foot is good for Cummings. Ponzinibbio uncorks a right high kick that lands as clean as can be but Cummings somehow smiles it off. Ponzinibbio follows with a hard left hand to the head. Now a glancing right hand and an inside low kick from Ponzinibbio. Cummings catches Ponzinibbio in the cup with a kick that lands with a hollow popping noise. We pause for the recovery. They touch gloves and resume with a minute left. Ponzinibbio shield blocks a left body kick, then dodges a spinning kick. Cummings gets deep on a double leg and finishes it but
Ponzinibbio pushes down on the head for an immediate escape. 10-9 Ponzinibbio.

R2: Ponzinibbio lands short on a one-two, then he clocks Ponzinibbi with a check hook. Lead right to the face lands for
Ponzinibbio and Cummings has some major swelling under his left eye. Another step-in right lands clean for
Ponzinibbio. Cummings half-blocks a left body kick but he can't trap the leg.

Consecutive left hands upstairs from Cummings. The fighters seem to agree that Ponzinibbio got poked in the eye but referee Herb Dean doesn't see it and tells them to fight on. Ponzinibbio ducks a left hand and counters with a clean right. One-two from Ponzinibbio but Cummings counters with a left. 10-9 Ponzinibbio.

R3: Ponzinibbio scores with consecutive right hands. Ponzinibbio's combination of speed and power are giving him control of the pace and making Cummings gunshy. Ponzinibbio continues to bury a lightning-fast right into Cummings' chin at a steady pace throughout the final stanza.

They both trade heavy punches. Ponzinibbio lands a body kick and another hard right upstairs. Cummings answers with a straight left to the head. More straight rights slice through the guard of Cummings. Inside low kick from
Ponzinibbio. 10-9 Ponzinibbio. I have it 30-27 his way.

  • Sergio Ponzinibbio defeats Zak Cummings by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Joseph Gigliotti vs. Trevor Smith

R1: Gigliotti slugs his way into the clinch and puts Smith on the fence. Smith circles off the fence and Gigliotti lands a pair of hard shovel punches to the body. Smith answers with a punch downstairs but Gigliotti digs in with a knee up the middle. Smith hits a trip and then goes to the tight waist as Gigliotti turtles, landing a few lefts to the body. Gigliotti gets back to his feet but Smith keeps him on the fence and lands an elbow.

Good head pressure from Smith though his double-leg isn't successful. Short knees to the thighs from Smith, then a glancing right hand as the ref separates them. Referee Dan Miragliotta tells Smith he's warned him twice for grabbing the fence and he'll take a point on the next occurrence. Gigliotti bull-rushes Smith on the restart but he eats a knee to the face and then gets caught in a sacrifice guillotine when he forces a double leg. Gigliotti cleverly uses the fence to escape and then looks for a front choke as Smith turtles. Smith peels his head out and lands a knee to the head when Gigliotti had one hand on the mat. 10-9 Smith.

R2: Smith counter-clinches as Gigliotti's coming forward and drops him with a knee to the face. Smith pounces and takes Gigliotti's back in the scramble, putting both hooks in. Smith looks to secure the rear-naked choke as Gigliotti keeps scrambling while hand-fighting the submission attempt. Gigliotti peels one hook loose and Smith switches to a double leg to put him on his back.

Smith reverts back and forth from holding position and landing short strikes in the half back-ride. Gigliotti tries to spin into him but Smith picks an ankle to maintain dominant control. Smith gets head control with a Gable grip and then switches to a D'arce choke attempt, but he runs out of time. 10-8 Smith.

R3: Smith snatches up a single leg as Gigliotti flurries and gets a heavy base in half guard. Knee-pin pass into side control for Smith but Gigliotti creates enough space to stand back up. Smith keeps him on the cage. More grinding clinch control from Smith.

Gigliotti separates at the halfway mark and glances with a heavy left. Smith flings a left hand and follows behind it with a double-leg takedown, again landing in half guard. Sharp left elbow to the face from Smith, who later passes to full mount. Two short elbows to the face from Smith, then a heated volley of elbows. Smith rides out the round in mount. 10-9 Smith. I have it 30-26 Smith.

  • Trevor Smith defeats Joseph Gigliotti by unanimous decision (30-26 x3)

Maryna Moroz vs. Danielle Taylor

R1: The lanky Moroz towers over Taylor as they square off in the center. Moroz cautiously inches forward behind a few straight jabs as Taylor cuts wide circles. Moroz is yet to find the mark but Taylor has barely attempted any offense as of two minutes in. Piston-like jabs from Moroz. Taylor lands an inside low kick but there's not much on it.

The crowd becomes audibly restless at the halfway mark. Flicking inside low kick from Taylor. Glancing counter from Moroz on Taylor's overhand right. Another quick-release inside low kick from Taylor. Double jab from Moroz, then a counter left. Taylor lands an inside low kick but Moroz tags her with a one-two; the best offense of the fight thus far. Taylor lands short on an overhand right. 10-9 Moroz.

R2: Inside low kick is there for Taylor but it doesn't land hard. Taylor's already busier in this round, having flung counters on two occasions. Moroz continues to throw a high volume of jabs but she's out of range. Taylor ducks a jab and steps into a massive overhand right that lands clean and rattles Moroz's jaw, but she shakes it off like a champ.

Moroz tries to corner Taylor but she still can't get enough depth on her jab. Taylor is just off the mark with another big counter. Taylor glances with a counter right before circling out of the corner. Taylor avoids engaging for long spells and looks to blast Moroz with the occasional right hand. 10-9 Taylor.

R3: Taylor hops forward between the jabs of Moroz and lands another right hand. Moroz stays entirely one-dimensional, still just chasing after Taylor and jabbing at the air. Taylor ducks her head and glances with another counter. Now Moroz starts adding a right cross and the occasional hook but with no better success.

Moroz catches Taylor with a short right during an uppercut attempt. Taylor misses on a wild overhand and Moroz glances with a counter right. Several uncharacteristic (but warranted) commands of "engage" from referee Herb Dean. Moroz is still chasing Taylor with jabs and one-twos while Taylor skates out of range incessantly. Taylor glances with the same overhand right counter. Taylor hits a takedown at the buzzer. 10-10. I have it a 29-29 draw.

  • Maryna Moroz defeats Danielle Taylor by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

Fox Prelims
(Fox Sports 1, 8 p.m. ET)

Court McGee vs. Dominique Steele

R1: McGee saunters out of his corner and wallops Steele with a one-two, causing him to go on wobbly legs. McGee swarms him, hitting a powerful waist-lock trip and landing on Steele's back. McGee puts both hooks in and starts fishing for the choke. He doesn't have the right angle so he wrenches a neck crank, but the resilient Steele refuses to tap. Steele spins into McGee, then takes a knee and stands up. Steele puts McGee on the fence but he circles off and separates.

Counter left body kick lands for McGee. Now it's Steele who rocks McGee with a one-two and puts him on the cage. McGee stays calm and separates. Steele comes forward with another heavy combination and again looks to daze McGee, albeit briefly. Steele puts him on the cage but McGee circles off. 10-10.

R2: Steele backs him off with a counter shovel punch and then fires a left to the body. Heavy counter left lands for Steele. Another left downstairs for Steele, then he doubles up on lead left hooks, landing both. Steele clinches up and puts McGee on the fence. McGee circles off and looks for a double leg, then switches to a high-crotch but Steele stays upright. McGee scores with a knee to the body and thigh; Steele glances with a left elbow.

Steele lets both hands go at close range to break the clinch and separate, then he lands a right on the reset. McGee gets stuffed on a defensive takedown attempt, then he recollects himself and finishes a double leg. Steele bounces off the canvas and McGee keeps him on the cage wall. McGee goes for a double leg but Steele lowers his level and denies it with an under-hook. McGee gets space and lands a knee to the body, then goes back to the double leg. Steele again thwarts the attempt. Steele lands a right horizontal elbow to the head. 10-9 Steele.

R3: Steele follows a one-two with a clean elbow upstairs. McGee finds another spot to sneak in a counter left body kick. Steele doubles up on lead left hooks and at least glances with the second, putting McGee back on his heels. On the next exchange, Steele lands the left hook clean and McGee counter-clinches. McGee puts Steele on the fence, looking for a respite from the standing exchanges.

McGee slows the pace just enough to lull Steele into distraction, then explodes to finish the double leg. Again, Steele is instantly back on his feet but still pressed up against the cage. The ref separates them after a moment of inactivity and they reset in the center. Steele fakes a left hook and shoots a double leg but McGee fends it off. McGee circles Steele onto the fence and looks or leverage with an under-hook. McGee's face is covered in blood from a nasty gash on the right side. McGee stays clinched up but can't finish the takedown. 10-9 Steele. I have it 30-28 Steele.

  • Court McGee defeats Dominique Steele by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Viktor Pesta vs. Marcin Tybura

R1: Tybura steps into a right cross that lands and puts Pesta back on his heels. Heavy counter from Tybura. They both land with hard left hooks. Tybura steps into another beefy right hand that may have stunned Pesta. Glancing left body kick from Tybura, then an outside low kick. Pesta lands a rear uppercut to the chest.

Tybura finds the mark with another right hand. And another in the form of a one-two. Pesta swivels his head off-center just in time to dodge a left high kick from Tybura. They both land short on right hands. Pesta scores with a check hook but Tybura answers with a left, and Pesta indicates that he thinks it was an eye poke. Tybura puts Pesta on the fence to close the round. 10-9 Tybura.

R2: Inside low kick to the upper thigh from Tybura. This time Pesta can't duck the left shin that's sailing toward his head, and Tybura drops him with a Cro-Copesque "cemetary kick."

  • Marcin Tybura defeats Viktor Pesta by KO (left high kick) R2 0:53

Jason Novelli vs. David Teymur

R1: Teymur with an inside low kick. Novelli lands a short counter right but Teymur answers with a left body kick and a left hand. Novellip puts him on the cage but Teymur circles off and separates. Hard right/left counter from Teymur, who's happy to backpedal and pot-shot off his back foot. Counter left lands for Teymur.

Novelli lands a body kick and Teymur answers with a low kick. They land at the same time, Novelli with an inside low kick and Teymur with a left cross, and it's Novelli who gets knocked off balance. Glancing body kick from Teymur. Now a left cross to the body. Teymur closes the round with a spinning kick to the body. 10-9 Teymur.

R2: Glancing outside low kick from Teymur but his duck-under takedown attempt is stuffed. Novelli follows a combo into the clinch but he can't keep quick and wily Teymur against the cage. Teymur sits down on a vicious left cross and it sends Novelli sailing backwards to the canvas. Novelli pops back up but he's promptly sat back down with a whirlwind of leather.

  • David Teymur defeats Jason Novelli by TKO (punches) R2 1:25

Horacio Gutierrez vs. Teruto Ishihara

R1: Ishihara glances with a left body kick. They trade simultaneous low kicks, both landing with a loud crack. Ishihara looks for a running knee-tap but Gutierrez sidesteps it and resets. They trade inside low kicks but Ishihara's has much more heft to it. Right body kick is there for Gutierrez. Ishihara glances with a pair of left cross counters, then they trade clean punches and high-five afterward. Gutierrez comes forward winging wide hooks and Ishihara steps back to set up a crushing left cross counter. Gutierrez goes down and Ishihara finishes him off punches.

  • Teruto Ishihara defeats Horacio Gutierrez by TKO (punches) R1 2:32

Fight Pass Prelims
(UFC Fight Pass, 7 p.m. ET)

Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Cub Swanson

R1: Kawajiri starts off with a pair of inside low kicks from southpaw. Kawajiri goes back to orthodox and whiffs with a wild spinning back-fist. Swanson glances with a heavy overhand right. Kawajiri settles in with more traditional exchanges and Swanson dings him with a right and a left hook. Kawajiri shoots a single and Swanson escapes with a combination of strikes and limp-legging. Swanson is just off the mark with another scorching overhand right.

No dice on Swanson's wheel kick and Kawajiri catches him with a hard left hook and a few knees while coming forward. Kawajiri gets deep on the hips and finishes a double leg, landing in Swanson's closed half guard. Heavy pressure on Swanson's upper chest as Kawajiri tries to pull his trapped leg through ... and he does, advancing to full mount with two grapevines. "Crusher" now looks to set up a head-and-arm choke by trapping Swanson's left arm. Swanson flirts dangerously with the choke but the gamble pays off when he regains half guard. Now back to full guard for Swanson, and he closes it. 10-9 Kawajiri.

R2: Swanson lands a right cross just as Kawajiri chops out his lead leg with a low kick. Quick left hook gets through for Swanson, then a clubbing right hand to the head. Kawajiri gets stuffed on a double leg. Glancing left round kick to the body for Kawajiri and his second unsuccessful spinning back-fist of the round. Swanson steps into a right and nearly eats a spinning back elbow. Kawajiri times a reactive takedown well but Swanson counter-wrestles his way into a reversal, then gets full back mount with both hooks in. Swanson has a rear-naked choke locked under Kawajiri's chin but somehow the veteran guts out an escape.

Swanson lands an uppercut and, this time, Kawajiri counters with a spinning back elbow. Swanson off-balances Kawajiri with a duck-under shove but then catches him illegally with a knee to the head as he's getting back up. We pause per foul protocol. Swanson gets by with a warning. On the restart, Swanson glances with a counter right. Another spinning counter is off the mark for Kawajiri. Swanson swats him with a right, then with a wide right/left counter. Kawajiri answers with a left hook before forcing a clinch. Kawajiri pins Swanson on the fence, looking for a high-crotch takedown. Swanson separates, dodging another spinning back-fist. 10-9 Swanson.

R3: More spinning shit from Kawajiri that's off the mark. Swanson with a right hand and a clean outside low kick. Kawajiri fires back with a left counter but Swanson scores with consecutive rights, prompting a double-leg attempt from Kawajiri, and he finishes it. Half butterfly guard for Swanson, then full butterfly guard. He goes to feet-on-hips and boots him away, creating enough space to stand up. Kawajiri keeps him on the fence, forcing a double leg shortly after.

The determined Kawajiri gets deep on the hips and hoists Swanson before driving him to the mat. Full guard for Swanson: first he pushes off the fence for an armbar attempt, then he uses it to set up an escape. Back in open space, Swanson glances with another big right. Kawajiri shoots a takedown and then transitions into a leg lock, but a few short punches from Swanson persuade him otherwise. Swanson closes the round with a few hard rights from on top. 10-9 Swanson. I have it 29-28 Swanson.

  • Cub Swanson defeats Tatsuya Kawajiri by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Justin Ledet vs. Chase Sherman

R1: The uncomfortably giddy Ledet engages Sherman with nothing but a mile-wide grin to start the bout. Sherman attacks with a jab and a kick and Ledet holds his ground, firing back a one-two. Long, nasty jab from Ledet, then a clean right cross and another jab. They both connect simultaneously. Sherman cracks Ledet's lead leg with a pair of outside low kicks, both unchecked.

Sherman with a nice outside low kick and jab combo. Now Sherman flings a three-piece flurry and closes it with a clean low kick. Ledet dings him with a straight shot upstairs. Ledet lands a jab, eats a punch and wades forward to land a knee to the body. These boys are throwin' hard and often. Sherman counters with a right hook to the body, then a left hook upstairs. Ledet bores two long and straight punches through as the turbulent, seesaw rhythm continues. 10-10 (volume to Sherman, damage to Ledet).

R2: They pick up where they left off: Ledet slicing in with simple but straight and scorching salvos, and Sherman closing his combinations with outside low kicks. Ledet gets the better of the early exchanges though, and Sherman's nose is flat and bloodied. Ledet, still bouncing on his toes, lets Sherman lumber toward him before forming precise counters.

Another three-punch medley to set up an outside low kick from Sherman. Ledet steps into a hard knee that plunges deep into Sherman's midsection. The pace normalizes, mostly due to Sherman's reduced output, but Ledet differentiates himself in this round with endless ones and one-twos. 10-9 Ledet.

R3: Ledet pivots left and cracks Sherman with a sharp left hook; it looks clean but Sherman glances to the ref as if it were an eye poke. Ledet, though still eating the occasional low kick, continues to backpedal and thread straight punches through Sherman's defense. Sherman corners him and glances with a few clubbing shots before Ledet circles out of the corner.

Inside low kick is there for Sherman but he's still marching straightforward into Ledet's particularly unfriendly wheelhouse. Ledet peels off a quick counter combination, landing all shots clean and causing Sherman to respond with his version of the "that so didn't hurt me" face. Sherman, either out of exhaustion or frustration, puts his hands on his hips, protesting Ledet's backward circling. Ledet responds by clipping him with a left hook and circling out. Ledet goes a tad too far in the final seconds, flipping Sherman the bird while refusing to engage. 10-9 Ledet. I have it 30-28 Ledet.

  • Justin Ledet defeats Chase Sherman by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)