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Coach: Frankie Edgar is a 'true 135-pound fighter', open to title shot

Coach Mark Henry says bantamweight is Frankie Edgar's natural division and is open to him fighting for the 135-pound title.

Following Frankie Edgar's loss to Jose Aldo at UFC 200, many have suggested 'The Answer' should drop down to the bantamweight division to challenge Dominick Cruz for the title.

UFC 200 was almost a Deja Vu of UFC 156, as Edgar lost in similar fashion to 'Scarface' on both occasions and came up short on becoming a two-division world champion.

The former lightweight champion has been considered undersized for most his career -- even at featherweight -- and his longtime coach Mark Henry revealed that Edgar is a 'true 135er'.

"I think that people still don't realize -- like Marlon (Moraes), he's a 135er, he's bigger than Frankie. Frankie is a true 135er. I hate to say this stuff, but (when) Conor fights Nate (Diaz), it's probably more of his weight class, 155, and they make the biggest deal out of Conor and he came up mega-short. Frankie had a title at 155 and came really close this last time at winning his second title, and he's really a 135er," Herny said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour, per Shaun Al-Shatti of MMA Fighting.

It took Edgar three years and five fights to round up enough ammunition for a rematch with Jose Aldo and Henry wants the New Jersey-based fighter on a fast track for what will likely be his last title shot in the UFC.

"So, for me, I just really want to go the shortest cut to the next title, whether it be 135 or 145, whatever brings him the closest," Henry said.

Dominick Cruz, who reclaimed the bantamweight title after a series of injuries almost ended his career, defended the belt for the third time against Urijah Faber at UFC 199 and is currently without an opponent. 'The Dominator' could rematch former champ T.J. Dillashaw but a fight with Edgar is now certainly a viable option for the UFC.

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