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The MMA Prospectus: UFC Salt Lake - Yair, Ishihara, Gigliotti and more

Zane Simon and T.P. Grant are back to look at this week's talent on the rise in MMA. This time around we're focusing on UFC Salt Lake headliner Yair Rodriguez, young Japanese talent Teruto Ishihara, new UFC signing Joe Gigliotti, and a couple of potential blue chip prospects of the regional scene in Casey Kenney and Leonardo Siilva.

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Regional MMA has been at a near stand still for the past couple months. Some of the big hitters have still been out putting on shows, but what was (over the first few months of the year) somewhere between 60-75 events a week has been trending more toward 30-45 in June and July. But that doesn't mean there aren't some top prospects to talk about, just a few less than normal. This week, we're looking at Teruto Ishihara, Yair Rodriguez, and Joe Gigiliotti all fighting on UFC Salt Lake. We're also looking at a great run of top shelf unknowns who could make a big impact. Most notably, Leonardo Silva and Casey Kenney, alongside Prospectus favorite Ricardo Lucas Ramos.

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Here's our quick and dirty non-UFC prospect list this week:

Kashiwazaki, Go
Arce, Julio
Nascimento, Allan
Silva, Leonardo
Pereira, Viviane
Siwy, Grzegorz
Khashakyan, Alfred vs. Ramos, Ricardo Lucas
Torres, Jose
Kenney, Casey
Day, Martin
Jonavin Webb vs. Isaac Steele