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UFC 203 Video: Watch over 30 minutes of CM Punk sparring and training

CM Punk’s most recent training session was streamed live. Watch it here.

CM Punk sparring, screengrab

UFC 203 is approaching, and so is CM Punk’s debut against Mickey Gall. Prior to the build up, not much was known about the former WWE star’s skill set, apart from statements from his training camp and people close to him. The first two parts of the ‘Evolution of Punk’ showed three sparring sessions, but with footage used from about a year ago, it was still hard to gauge how he looks in the present.

On Monday night, UFC has provided a glimpse of just that, as they did a live stream of Punk’s latest training session. Watch the clip below, which shows 34 minutes of him doing striking drills and sparring.

We are training with CM Punk today LIVE ahead of his UFC debut at #UFC203

UFC 貼上了 2016年8月29日

While old training camp footage shown on his documentary left a lot to be desired, this new video (admittedly also just a small sample size), still shows how much he has progressed since then. There’s obviously still room to improve, but his punches and combinations are much more tighter than the brief clips on Evolution of Punk. He also clearly seems to be more comfortable flowing, reacting, and throwing shots in sparring now that he has had more quality time in the training room.

While these are just very small glimpses into his preparation, it seems at the very least that he has improved a lot and looks to be in better physical shape. Whether or not it will be enough to beat a younger, faster and more experienced fighter in Gall, I guess we’ll have to wait and see at UFC 203.