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Stephen Thompson: Tyron Woodley is 'making excuses' to not fight me

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Stephen Thompson thinks that Tyron Woodley's demand of a 'money fight' is a little ridiculous.

Stephen Thompson is the number one contender for the UFC welterweight title, and he wants his shot. New champion Tyron Woodley doesn't seem that interested in facing Wonderboy though, instead wanting a fight against a bigger name that will make him more money. Thompson, in a media scrum at UFC Vancouver, didn't take too kindly to what he calls Woodley's "excuses" (via MMA Fighting):

"I think he's coming up with excuses to be honest with you, of why to not face me. I know he wants that money fight, but what champion who literally has had the belt around their waist for 30 seconds, saying 'Hey, give me a money fight'. You know, I was kind of laughing in my head. I was all smiles there behind the desk. But I was like 'Really?'"

Thompson (13-1, 8-1 UFC) is currently riding a seven-fight win streak, with the last coming over Rory MacDonald in June. Woodley won the belt by defeating Robbie Lawler by TKO at UFC 201 earlier this month. Thompson said some dates have been kicked around for the fight even if Woodley doesn't seem that enthusiastic about it, and he's training like he'll face him in New York:

"Nothing yet. I have heard it's going to happen. I have some weeks here and there. It's a possibility, I just don't know when. I'm training right now as if I'm going to face Tyron Woodley in November, Madison Square Garden card. So I'm preparing as if I'm going to fight then."

After talking about the Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz fight at UFC 202 and former opponent Rory MacDonald's move to Bellator, he was asked about the Hamburg main event between Josh Barnett and Andrei Arlovski. He broke the fight down with his typical candor:

"Arlovski for me...well, he doesn't have a chin any more. I think everyone knows that. Josh Barnett is a grinder. I think he's going to go out there and take Arlovski down. But with Arlovski, if you give him that one shot, that one hitter quitter, he's just got that kind of power, then it's over. But I think Josh Barnett is going to go out out there and grind him out. Take him down and just stay on top of him."

Finally, he was asked about the era of the superfight and whether it's something that interests him. Again, he went back to Woodley's demands for a "money fight":

"I don't think so, just because I'm in the hot seat with that. Number one contender and should be getting the title. But you know, (Woodley) calling out a money fight is just kind of ridiculous. I think you have to earn your spot, earn your money fight. Defend the title a few times before you ask for that."