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Video: ONE Championship fight ends with 15-second spinning backfist KO

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Check out Burn Soriano's quick spinning backfist KO at ONE Championship 46 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

ONE Championship 46 was filled with finishes, and kicking off yesterday's card in Jakarta, Indonesia was a bout that lasted all of 15 seconds. Filipino bantamweight Burn Soriano recorded his first win under the ONE banner with a spinning backfist KO of Indonesia's Mario Satya Wirawan, who had won by 6 second KO at ONE Championship 35 just two fights ago, and had been choked out at ONE Championship 39 in in 104 seconds. Wirawan's last 3 fights have lasted a combined 2 minutes and 5 seconds. Guaranteed entertainment, I say!

Anyway, as for the fight itself, which you can see at the top of the page (starting at 2:26 mark), doesn't need much description. Soriano instantly KO'd Wirawan with his right fist, but did punch him two more times on the ground for just for good measure.

The main event saw welterweight contender Luis Santos defeat former ONE middleweight champion Igor Svirid by unanimous decision in a fight that was mostly forgettable, unless you consider Svirid's two yellow cards worth remembering.

(Video via Zombie Prophet)