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UFC on FOX 21 results: Jim Miller takes split decision over Joe Lauzon

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After another very entertaining fight between longtime UFC fighters Jim Miller and Joe Lauzon, Miller was able to take the split decision against Lauzon to kick off the UFC on FOX 21 main card.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

In 2012, Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller had a fantastic back-and-forth thriller, which Miller took by unanimous decision. The two lightweight veterans locked horns again to kick off the UFC on FOX: Condit vs. Maia main card in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Lauzon walked Miller down and engaged early to kick off round 1. Joe got caught with a left hand and appeared to stagger briefly. Lauzon caught a kick and tried to turn it into a heel hook. A very entertaining opening 45 seconds in this rematch. Both men throwing early and often, with Lauzon drilling Miller with a slick standing elbow. Miller exited a clinch with a flush knee to Lauzon's head. A spinning attack by Miller missed and Lauzon wound up on top in Miller's half-guard. Good ground-and-pound by Lauzon but Miller found some space to get back to his feet, then connected with a good uppercut. Very hard left hook to the body by Miller. Lauzon stuffed a double leg in the closing seconds of the opening round, but Miller was connecting with the better quality strikes.

An aggressive Miller continued to work Lauzon to the body and to the head. Lauzon pushed forward and landed a few good punches but Miller answered back with more. Another exciting exchange soon followed. Lauzon with a sneaky left hook on the counter. Miller aiming for Lauzon's head with the right uppercut. Big body kick by Miller caused him to fall. Lauzon was on top and was oh so close to mounting Jim. Joe sought to isolate the left arm in search of a submission but it didn't come. Miller with rubber guard to try and stifle Lauzon's offense. Sharp elbows by Lauzon. More elbows to end the 2nd round of another grueling bout between these two.

A big uppercut by Miller 30 seconds into the 3rd hurt Lauzon. Miller teed off with major strikes as Lauzon tried to weather the storm. Lauzon fought back and landed a left hand. A nicely timed takedown with 3 minutes left saw Lauzon put Miller on his back once again. Full mount for Lauzon briefly and then Miller got himself back to half-guard. Lauzon used his left knee to try and trap Miller's right arm. Miller slowly but surely worked to get back to his feet with 90 seconds left. Miller had Lauzon's back and Lauzon turned around and elbowed him. They returned to standing and striking before Lauzon moved in for the clinch. A failed throw nearly cost Miller. Lauzon had Miller's back. Miller rolled to the mat but couldn't shake Lauzon off. Joe finished the fight in full mount and then going for the buzzer-beating armbar, but it wasn't to be. Another excellent 15 minutes for Miller and Lauzon, four years on from their epic battle at UFC 155.

Official result: Jim Miller def. Joe Lauzon via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)