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UFC on Fox 21: Maia vs Condit - live results, discussion, play by play

Live, blow-by-blow updates for tonight's event from Vancouver starring renowned welterweights Demian Maia and Carlos Condit.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring and play-by-play as UFC on Fox 21: Maia vs. Condit takes flight from the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada.

Elite and highly experienced welterweights Demian Maia and Carlos "The Natural Born Killer" Condit collide in the main hurrah while former UFC lightweight champ Anthony "Showtime" Pettis makes his featherweight debut opposite Charles Oliveira in the penultimate bout. Rounding out the sturdy four-fight main card is a strawweight match pitting Bec Rawlings against Paige VanZant and, in what should be a fan-friendly squabble, lightweights Jim Miller and Joe Lauzon.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the Fight Pass broadcast at 5 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week's MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the each match up.

Main Card
(Fox, 8 p.m. ET)

Demian Maia vs. Carlos Condit

R1: Condit comes out switching stances, eventually settling for a left round kick from southpaw. Maia shoots a double leg and drives through to complete it. Condit goes to deep half guard but Maia denies the sweep and flattens Condit out. Maia, in a transition that perfectly embodies his grappling sorcery, somehow teleports to back control. In a flash, Maia has both hooks in, then a body triangle while fishing for the choke. Condit makes the fatal mistake of trying to break the body triangle by hand-fighting and Maia threads his arm under the chin to force the tap.

  • Demian Maia defeats Carlos Condit by submission (rear-naked choke) R1 1:52

Charles Oliveira vs. Anthony Pettis

R1: Oliveira shoots a takedown immediately, first looking for a single leg and then switching to an outside trip. Oliveira goes back to the single leg and nearly gets it, but Pettis is still on his feet. Glancing round knee to the face from Oliveira on the break. Oliveira ducks under Pettis' first right hand and clinches up. Oliveira brilliantly fakes another outside trip and then switches direction, slipping behind Pettis. Oliveira takes him down from the rear waist lock and puts both hooks in.

Pettis spins into Oliveira, sweeping on top and into his guard. Oliveira works to his feet and separates. Pettis buries a left shin into the ribs of Oliveira, prompting a desperation takedown from the Brazilian. Oliveira lays on his back and tries to wave Pettis in but Pettis backs off and lets him up, then sends him right back down with another left body kick. Petts swarms with punches but he's forced to chill when Oliveira swivels for an armbar. Pettis passes to side mount and Oliveira somehow hits a sweep and counter-wrestles his way into a reversal. Now Oliveira hops on Pettis' back but loses position, and Pettis greets him with two short punches. Oliveira glances with a nasty up-kick. Pettis finishes the round strong with strikes from the top. 10-9 Pettis.

R2: Pettis lands a left/right combo to the body, then denies Oliveira's takedown attempt and backs off to let him up. Oliveira barely gets a glove in front of a vicious Pettis high kick but it might've wobbled him regardless. Oliveira again fails on a takedown and tries to goad Pettis into joining him on the ground. Pettis' tight and clean technique is gradually taking over the rhythm of the exchanges. Quick step-in right from Pettis, then a one-two off his back foot.

Oliveira clinches up and again slips behind Pettis, then brazenly hops onto Pettis' back from the rear waist lock. Oliveira drags Pettis down with both hooks in, then a body triangle. Pettis tries to hand-fight the body triangle and nearly allows Oliveira to thread the choke under his chin. Pettis again spins into Oliveira to escape back control and backs away. Oliveira gets up and clings to him, looking to avoid the range game. Pettis shoves him away and resets. Pettis lands a right and Oliveira answers with a nice horizontal elbow. Spinning kick deep to the body from Pettis. Oliveira hits a double leg as the round ends. 10-9 Pettis.

R3: Snapping jab from Pettis early. Oliveira gets deep on a double leg and yanks Pettis' hips off the cage for a takedown. Pettis tries to cage-walk and Oliveira looks for north-south position, but Pettis freezes him with an armbar attempt. Oliveira breaks the grip but gets swept by Pettis after defending the submission. Pettis in north-south until Oliveira turtles and hits a counter-double; Pettis falls back with a guillotine from the front headlock position and Oliveira taps adamantly.

  • Anthony Pettis defeats Charles Oliveira by submission (guillotine choke) R3 1:49

Bec Rawlings vs. Paige VanZant

R1: VanZant with two front kicks and Rawlings backs her off with a counter flurry after the second. VanZant clinches on a Rawlings combination but can't keep her on the fence, and Rawlings glances with a knee to the body on the break. VanZant dangerously reaches out when trying to force a clinch, narrowly avoiding the busy boxing of Rawlings.

Rawlings backs off with her hands down, trying to bait VanZant into engaging. VanZant lands short on a right hand. Jumping switch kick to the body is there for VanZant. Now an outside low kick and a short right upstairs from VanZant. Rawlings answers with a right. 10-9 VanZant.

R2: VanZant throws another jumping switch kick, this one landing with the foot but clean to the jaw. Rawlings goes down and VanZant seals the deal with strikes.

  • Paige VanZant defeats Bec Rawlings by KO (jumping switch kick) R2 0:17

Joe Lauzon vs. Jim Miller

R1: Lauzon steers Miller into a corner but he gets dabbed by a hard counter punch. Lauzon snatches up a single leg and immediately dives onto it, switching to a kneebar. Miller peels the leg free and they reset in open space. Lauzon puts Miller on the fence again, looking for knees but missing the mark. Glancing left cross from Miller, then he throws a vertical elbow that's half-blocked.

Lauzon is again unsuccessful in keeping Miller on the fence. Miller whiffs on a sloppy spinning back-elbow and Lauzon easily takes the off-balanced fighter down. Half guard for Lauzon and a short left forearm after stabilizing Miller's hips. Lauzon tries to catch an up-kick and fall back for a heel hook but Miller frees his foot and stands up. Step-in horizontal elbow from Miller careens into the guard of Lauzon. Miller disguises a takedown attempt with a left cross but can't get deep enough on Lauzon's hips. 10-9 Lauzon.

R2: Miller plunges a left cross into Lauzon's gut. Miller waiting on Lauzon, then stepping back at angles to attack with sharp counters. Glancing uppercut from Miller off his back foot as Lauzon comes in firing. Lauzon bores a long right cross down the middle. Hard counter right scores for Lauzon after shelling on a Miller left.

Glancing check hook from Lauzon but Miller answers with a right to the body. After a glancing right hand from Lauzon, he steps in to jam a Miller kick and knocks him off-balance. Half guard for Lauzon, looking for mount. Miller goes to rubber guard to lock down Lauzon's posture. Lauzon frees his head and lands two short forearms to the face, then a left knee to the ribs. 10-9 Lauzon.

R3: Miller glances with an inside low kick and follows up with an uppercut and an extensive string of heaters, putting Lauzon on his heels and forcing him to cover. Sharp counters from Miller, who's beating Lauzon to the punch.At the three-minute mark, Lauzon times a double leg and nails it, again landing in half guard.

Lauzon mounts him briefly but Miller bumps him off into side control. Miller regains half guard and takes a knee, looking for a switch. He gets back up and separates with a glancing body kick. Lauzon steps into a hard jab before putting Miller on the fence. Lauzon gets the body lock and goes for a trip, then slips behind him to the rear waist cinch. Miller tries a desperation somersault escape but Lauzon ends up on top. Lauzon swivels for an armbar in the closing seconds. 10-9 Lauzon. I have it 30-27 Lauzon.

  • Jim Miller defeats Joe Lauzon by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Fox Prelims
(Fox, 6 p.m. ET)

Sam Alvey vs. Kevin Casey

R1: Casey throws cautious kicks from outside as Alvey, as usual, patiently waits to unload. Inside low kick lands for Alvey. More distance kicks from Casey; none are effective thus far. Alvey has attempted two or three strikes by the three-minute mark, which is unfortunately typical.

Casey knifes into range and forces a clinch, looking for a hip throw from the over-under clinch, then an outside trip. Alvey stays upright and switches to the Thai plum with a glancing knee to the body. And another, this one clean and to the ribs. Alvey trying to create space with elbow pressure but Casey sticks to him and off-balances him to the floor, though Alvey stands back up immediately. Two more short knees to the body from Alvey, then a glancing right forearm and a knee downstairs. 10-9 Alvey.

R2: Casey fakes a level change and glance with a right to the head. Short counter right to the body from Alvey followed by a half-blocked body kick. Alvey finally sits down on a scorching right/left, then he unleashes the same combo two more times, dropping Casey on his butt with the last. Alvey smiles and backs off, letting Casey back up.

Alvey peels off a straight one-two and Casey wobbles backwards onto the fence upon impact. Knee to the body from Alvey to break a short clinch encounter. Alvey alternates heavy shots with both hands and flattens Casey again, this time finishing him off with punches.

  • Sam Alvey defeats Kevin Casey by TKO (punches) R2 4:56

Enrique Barzola vs. Kyle Bochniak

(Sorry, technical difficulties.)

  • Kyle Bochniak defeats Enrique Barzola by split decision (27-30, 29-28 x2)

Alessio Di Chirico vs. Garreth McLellan

R1: Di Chirico counters McLellan's opening kick with a stiff right, then catches the next kick and puts McLellan down with another right. McLellan gets back to his feet and circles off the fence but Di Chirico follows suit. Short knee to the body from McLellan with his back on the fence. And another. Both throw punches on the clinch break but neither can connect. Long left cross glances for McLellan, then a charging rear uppercut that snaps Di Chirico's head back.

Di Chirico catches another kick but can't capitalize. They exchange a few combos, both seeming to land or glance at an even clip. McLellan comes forward with a nice three-punch combo. Short counter left lands for Di Chirico. McLellan with a glancing left/right flurry. Di Chirico catches another kick but McLellan peels his leg free. McLellan throws a jump knee as Di Chirico spins into an elbow, and both shots look to glance. 10-10.

R2: Despite eating an inside low kick in the process, McLellan finishes a double-leg takedown about 30 seconds in. Di Chirico hits a slick sweep from half butterfly and his first downward elbow as McLellan is turtling bashes into his head, and McLellan teeters over and lands on his back. Di Chirico swarms with punches but McLellan gradually regains his senses and defends.

McLellan gets back up to his feet, a nasty gash evident on the right side of his head. Di Chirico easily denies a takedown attempt and hits a double-leg of his own. McLellan goes to deep half and elevates Di Chirico with a butterfly hook, then uses a whizzer to stand back up. McLellan telegraphs a lead back-elbow and Di Chirico dodges it. Di Chirico coming forward with measured combinations as McLellan mostly defends. McLellan clinches up and scores with a few short uppercuts before hoisting Di Chirico with a double leg; commentator Brian Stann claims Di Chirico illegally used the fence to stay upright. 10-8 Di Chirico.

R3: McLellan storms out with a lunging right hook. Di Chirico gets denied on a double leg but glances with a follow-up knee to the body. They trade leather, both landing before McLellan forces a clinch. Di Chirico circles off the fence and peels McLellan's hips off the fence for a takedown. Di Chirico stabilizes his balance and hops into full mount, then takes McLellan's back on the transition with both hooks in. He's too high and McLellan shakes him off, escaping out the back door.

High half guard for McLellan with Di Chirico's head crammed into a corner. Di Chirico sits upright with his back on the cage to trigger the get-up and separate. Di Chirico keeps his hands in McLellan's face, landing one hard shot and one glancing. An exhausted McLellan slings back a labored punch. Di Chirico continues to build volume with his boxing until McLellan defensively clinches to slow him down. No dice on McLellan's single leg, largely due to the spiked elbows Di Chirico is bouncing off his temple. McLellan does complete his next attempt at a single leg, then goes to the waist lock as Di Chirico widens the gash on McLellan's head with short punches. 10-9 Di Chirico. I have it 30-27 Di Chirico.

  • Alessio Di Chirico defeats Gareth McLellan by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)

Shane Campbell vs. Felipe Silva

R1: Silva snaps inside with a low kick, then shows a rugged clinch game with a few knees and a downward elbow. Silva gradually builds a deadly rhythm, forming creative and powerful combinations with both hands. Silva clobbers Campbell with two left hooks, first to the liver and then to the head, and Campbell goes down. Impressive debut for the undefeated Silva.

  • Felipe Silva defeats Shane Campbell by TKO (punches) R1

Fight Pass Prelims
(UFC Fight Pass, 5 p.m. ET)

Thibault Gouti vs. Chad Laprise

R1: Laprise opens up with tight jabs and outside low kicks. Gouti drives him back with a jab of his own. Laprise follows a left hook into the clinch. Gouti separates and wades forward while throwing straight punches, and Laprise, while retreating, drills him with a clean right cross. Gouti goes down and Laprise finishes him off with right hands.

  • Chad Laprise defeats Thibault Gouti by TKO (punches) R1 1:36

Jeremy Kennedy vs. Alessandro Ricci

R1: Kennedy steers Ricci onto the fence with a wall of jabs from a low stance. Despite Kennedy's body lock, Ricci circles off the fence. Kennedy returns the favor in the battle for clinch position. They both land short knees to the body on the break. Kennedy lets go with wide punches and, though they glance, Ricci reaches out and snaps Kennedy's head into a sharp knee.

After another uneventful clinch exchange, Ricci spears Kennedy in the body with another knee, this one of the step-in variety. Kennedy forces another clinch but nothing's doin'. Kennedy steps back and throws a few blocked punches, then returns to the clinch grind. Ricci holding his own despite constantly giving up double under-hooks in the clinch. Ricci breaks the clinch with another hard knee up the middle. This time Kennedy hits a takedown but Ricci pops right back up to his feet. 10-9 Ricci.

R2: Kennedy connects to the body with his opening flurry, which he again follows into the clinch. Halfhearted high-crotch attempt from Kennedy but he bails on it. The pace slows as Kennedy holds Ricci in the clinch but Kennedy hits an outside trip after the short lull. Ricci slowly works back to his feet and Kennedy stings him with a flurry before putting him back on the fence.

Kennedy steps back and lets his hands go, punching his way through Ricci's counter knee to the body and finishing another takedown. Ricci stands back up and circles Kennedy onto the fence but he's not given as much time to work by the ref. After they're reset in the center, Kennedy again whirs both hands aggressively, closing the round with a decent combo. 10-9 Kennedy.

R3: Ricci lands a counter left with his back on the fence before Kennedy ties him up. Ricci circles off and shoots a quick double leg, then settles for the body lock. Kennedy circles off the fence and shoots a double of his own to no avail. Ricci gets in front choke position and Kennedy hits knee-pick takedown.

Kennedy buries his head in Ricci's lap to prevent the get-up. Ricci gets in D'arce position but Kennedy drives him into the fence to break it. Ricci battles back up to his feet but goes back down with an outside leg reap. 10-9 Kennedy (begrudgingly). I have it 29-28 Kennedy.

  • Jeremy Kennedy defeats Alessandro Ricci by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)