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UFC on FOX 21 Video: Watch Paige VanZant's jumping switch kick KO of Bec Rawlings

Watch the video of Paige VanZant's flash finish of Bec Rawlings at UFC on FOX 21.

Paige VanZant made her return to the octagon via impressive fashion, a jumping switch kick KO. VanZant switched up her usual distance-closing style to dance around the outside of Rawlings at UFC on Fox 21 before scoring the second round finish. Check out her sensational kick:

Check out Dallas Winston's play-by-play of Paige VanZant's KO of Bec Rawlings:

R1: VanZant with two front kicks and Rawlings backs her off with a counter flurry after the second. VanZant clinches on a Rawlings combination but can't keep her on the fence, and Rawlings glances with a knee to the body on the break. VanZant dangerously reaches out when trying to force a clinch, narrowly avoiding the busy boxing of Rawlings.

Rawlings backs off with her hands down, trying to bait VanZant into engaging. VanZant lands short on a right hand. Jumping switch kick to the body is there for VanZant. Now an outside low kick and a short right upstairs from VanZant. Rawlings answers with a right. 10-9 VanZant.

R2: VanZant throws another jumping switch kick, this one landing with the foot but clean to the jaw. Rawlings goes down and VanZant seals the deal with strikes.

Paige VanZant defeats Bec Rawlings by KO (jumping switch kick) R2 0:17