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September Grappling Preview: EBI and Fight to Win Pro lead the way

September is filled with a number of compelling tournaments and super fights.

Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Championship Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images

The month of August saw a wealth of exciting grappling events and super fights. As the IBJJF Master’s Worlds closes out the month, there are a number of events to look forward to in September. Looking ahead, these are some of the biggest planned grappling cards and tournaments that feature important names across the sport of competitive grappling.

At the top of the list is EBI8, also known as the Eddie Bravo Invitational, which is set for Sunday, September 11. As with all the other events prior, this night will showcase some of the most relevant names within the world of no-gi grappling.

Perhaps the hottest competitor in the tournament is Gordon Ryan, who is having an impressive 2016. Not only did he win the EBI absolute event back in April as a last-minute replacement for teammate Eddie Cummings, but he’s coming off of a win over multiple-time champion, Keenan Cornelius. The two battled for nearly two hours before Ryan secured an inside heel-hook for the win.

That same weekend, Fight to Win Pro puts on another event that is sure to catch the attention of grappling fans. Fight to Win Pro 11 features matchups such as Jeff Glover against Justin Rader; Rafael Lovato Jr. against Tanner Rice and many others. Set for Saturday, September 10 in Oklahoma; this card has 28 planned fights.

As if the promotion is trying to continuously one-up themselves; Fight to Win Pro has two other big events planned for September as F2W Pro 12 and 13 are scheduled for September 17 and 24 respectively. Mackenzie Dern and Benson Henderson will compete at Fight to Win Pro 12, while Baret Yoshida is scheduled to appear at Fight to Win Pro 13.

As the marketplace for competitive grappling continues to evolve and grow, promotions such as these lead the way in presenting the best athletes, matches and tournaments. While these are the only showcases scheduled for September, they are amongst the most anticipated in the sport.

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