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UFC 202 results: McGregor hints that next fight 'might not be' in UFC

Following his hard-fought win over Nate Diaz at UFC 202, Conor McGregor hints that his next fight might be in a completely different sport. Is a boxing megafight with Floyd Mayweather on the cards?

David Becker/Getty Images

UFC 202 was one of the most monumental events in MMA history, seeing Conor McGregor edge out Nate Diaz in a five-round thriller and successfully avenge his loss to the Californian at UFC 196.

It was a ballsy performance from both men - 'The Notorious' was visibly exhausted from the third round and Diaz continued to persevere despite his battered and bloodied face.

McGregor earned a majority decision, and many have called for an immediate trilogy fight, but, according to the featherweight champion, his next bout may not even be under the UFC banner.

Speaking to @TheBuzzer last night, McGregor said he has many options lined up, and some of them might not even involve the UFC.

"I've got to talk about what's next," McGregor said following the fight. "There's a lot of options; some might not be this sport. So, we'll see."

Is McGregor hinting at a possible boxing superfight with Floyd Mayweather? Both men entertained the possibility on social media, with Mayweather even posting an unofficial poster, but the hype fizzled out with the announcement of Diaz vs. McGregor II at UFC 202.

As fantastical as the fight once seemed, McGregor's star power continues to increase and it's not out of the realm of possibility that both men could meet in the boxing ring to deliver one of the biggest fights in combat sports history.