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White on possible McGregor/Diaz trilogy: 'We're definitely not doing this a 3rd time right now'

Count Dana White among the very satisfied customers after UFC 202's stellar main event.

In some regards, UFC 202's main event was worth the price of the PPV overall. It was an obvious fight of the year candidate that had plenty of swings in tempo and control with both fighters throwing everything they had at each other.

Chief among the parties that were thrilled with the match was UFC president Dana White, who spoke to UFC reporter Megan Olivi about the match and was clearly coming down an emotional high. White remained effusive and generous in a show of respect for both competitors after the fight.

At the top of the page is video of the interview with Olivi (starting around the ~0:48 mark)

Megan Olivi: Talk to me about - at certain points it where it looked like McGregor might be finished, it looked like Nate might be finished... I mean, as someone who oversees the organization, what's your reaction when you see someone come back from that?

Dana White: Yeah, this fight was everything that... I thought it would be and more, because again - I didn't see it going five (rounds). It looked like Conor was gassed and he was done, and then he got his second wind. Nate gets dropped and it looked like he was out, and he comes back... it was just... you couldn't ask for anything more from, from - it was epic.

Olivi: Yeah, and you went to both their locker rooms, you saw Conor in the medical tent, you went over to Nate's locker room - what's their state right now? How are they?

White: They're both really, they're, It's weird, they're both like, giddy. They're both pumped about the fight, they said it was awesome. They had a blast, and uh, they're sick individuals, those two (laughs).

Also of note is that while McGregor is already calling for a third bout to really settle the score, White was quick to pump the brakes on that idea.

Olivi: Before we get into the other fights, Conor said "hey - let's make it three, but this time let's do it at 155". I know you had some, you know, words for him, that he would go defend his title at 145 after this, so where do you stand?

White: Yeah, um... We're definitely not doing this a third time right now. Um, I mean, I don't think there's anybody that doesn't want to see this fight again, but um, Conor's either gonna go defend his title or give his title up. Then we'll figure out where we go from there.

Olivi: Alright, so what about Nate? If he goes back to 155, do you see him getting close to that title?

White: I have no idea. I have no idea what's next for Nate. Um, I dunno. We'll see what happens.

So for now, that's the direction things appear to be heading in. Let's see how things play out from here.

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