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UFC 202 video: Nate Diaz reveals extent of injuries during camp

Nate Diaz specified some of the injuries he sustained during the preparations for his rematch against Conor McGregor.

Nate Diaz walked off with a loss against Conor McGregor in their rematch on Saturday night. But as he told Joe Rogan during his post-fight interview, he was actually suffering from an injury.

"I came into this fight worse off than last time. I didn't get to train, I had an injury. But f-ck that, I don't make excuses. He should've finished me off. I want number 3. I gave him number 2, so I'm ready to go again," Diaz said.

Apparently, it was injuries to the knee and rib that seemed to have slowed him down during the fight. According to the younger Diaz, it all happened early on during camp.

"About a month out, I got some injuries," Diaz said during his post-fight media scrum. "I hurt my knee, and I wasn’t able to do jiu-jitsu ever since a month ago. Then about two weeks in, I was just sparring from when I hurt my knee. I was just boxing, trying to recover my knee."

"And then I got hit by my training partner Alan Sanchez, he’s a pro-boxer, he’s ranked number ten or number seven in the nation. I got hit in the rib, and it really tweaked me out of order and I had to stop sparring about two and a half weeks ago."

Diaz also admits that his current camp was worse than his last fight, when he stepped in on ten days’ notice, fresh from a vacation in Cabo.

"This was probably worse than the last fight. All I was pretty much doing for this fight was running and riding a bike and shadowboxing. I had a lot of plans for this fight but I had to backtrack on those plans protecting some injuries."