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UFC 202 Video: Conor McGregor praises Nate Diaz after win: 'He's a class competitor'

Conor McGregor made sure that he gave credit where credit is due after his five-round barnburner against Nate Diaz.

Just three days ago, Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor were hurling water bottles and energy drink cans at each other during the UFC 202 pre-fight presser. Now that they have both left it in the Octagon, the tune has changed, for McGregor’s part, at least.

"He’s a class competitor," McGregor said during his media scrum after the fight. "It’s intense in the build up, and everything is real. If we saw each other in the build-up, if my team saw their team, something’s going down, and that’s just the way it is."

"This battle was won. We’ll regroup, we’ll go our separate ways, see what happens, I’ll look for another battle, and then it will be right back where we started."

Like what he said during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, McGregor reiterated that the possible third fight against Diaz will take place "on his terms," at 155-pounds.

"When I fight Nate again, it would be (at) 155-pounds. It will be on my terms this time. I came up, I didn’t make any excuses, or any stipulations to try and get this win back. I had it exactly the way it was previous."

"I said 170, he got even bigger from the first fight. He was way bigger than the last time. So over that five months or whatever it was since the last fight, he grew. So I knew (what) I was up against, and I was thinking in my head ‘maybe this could be a mistake’, but I said ‘f-ck it.’ I trained hard, be smart, learned from my mistakes and go in."

"But I believe if we do it again, it will be 155. Maybe for the belt, who knows what’s next."

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