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UFC 202 Video: Nate Diaz says he was 'worse off' this camp due to injury

Nate Diaz mentioned that he had an injury in training camp and was 'worse off' this time around.

Nate Diaz lost a close decision against Conor McGregor, with one judge giving him a 10-8 round to end up with a draw. While the other two judges disagreed, for his part, the Stockton native still believes he won the fight.

"I thought I won that fight," Diaz said post-fight. "They can't have a motherf--ker like me win that fight. I'm too real for this sport. They're going to get me out when they can, but it's all good though."

Diaz also mentioned that while he doesn't want to make excuses, he revealed that he didn't have such a good training camp for the rematch.

"I came into this fight worse off than last time. I didn't get to train, I had an injury. But f-ck that, I don't make excuses," he said. "He should've finished me off. I want number 3. I gave him number 2, so I'm ready to go again."

"Hey, good job today, Conor, but we're going for number 3. For real."

For his part, McGregor has made it clear that he wants a trilogy as well, but this time he doesn't want it to be at welterweight.

When asked to elaborate, Diaz also spoke about dealing with knee and rib injuries at the post-fight press conference.

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