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Nick Diaz open to fight at UFC 202: 'If they make me an offer I can't refuse'

Fresh off the lifting of his suspension, Nick Diaz is willing to accept Tyron Woodley's challenge to fight at UFC 202, but under one condition

Nick Diaz is officially back in the fight game. His five-year turned 18-month suspension from a failed UFC 183 drug test ended on Monday, and quite expectedly, he was met with an immediate challenge.

Right after his victory over the weekend at UFC 201 against Robbie Lawler, newly minted UFC welterweight championTyron Woodley called out the elder Diaz brother.

"I would love to fight him at UFC 202, I know his brother is fighting (there)," he said. "I think he deserves it. He's a guy who has been around the sport. He puts a lot of butts in the seats, sell a lot of pay-per-views, so why not put him on a big card with Conor and his brother? I know he's already been training."

Diaz will have the chance to fight alongside his younger brother Nate, if the match-up does come to fruition. For his part, Nick says he is open to the idea, for as long as the right deal will be put in place.

"I’ve seen all his fights and I don’t do the things he does because I don’t do those things in training," Diaz told TMZ about fighting Woodley. "So we’ll see how that works out if that’s how it has to be."

"If they make me an offer I can’t refuse (on fighting at UFC 202). But I doubt that’s gonna happen. Look at me right now, I don’t need nothing. I don’t owe nobody nothing. I don’t owe nobody sh*t."