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The MMA Prospectus: UFC 202 and Russia is back!

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Zane Simon & T.P. Grant are back to give you all the info you need to know about MMA's top prospects on display this weekend. This week, we're focused on Colby Covington and Cody Garbrandt, but we're also super excited to see some Russian MMA on the horizon.

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With Ramadan now firmly in the rear view mirror, Russian MMA is back in season. So this week we're looking at ACB 43 and Plotforma 70 alongside, of course, UFC 202. The UFC's still got a hold of the two best young talents in MMA this weekend, as Cody Garbrandt and Colby Covington prepare to make their returns to the cage. Covington, especially has a chance to shine with a very very favorable matchup this weekend, while Garbrandt is working with the much more high profile opponent in top 10 bantamweight Takeya Mizugaki. Out on the regionals 2015 Scouting Report notables Abdul-Rahman Temirov and Mike Grundy are both fighting again, alongside an interesting list of other talents.

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And here's a quick and dirty non-UFC prospect list this week:

Temirov, Abdul-Rahman*
Albaskhanov, Rasul
Mike Grundy*
Wilfred Edmund
Mikhail Ragozin vs. Wallyson Carvalho
Ivo, Leonardo
Ramos, Davi
Karginov, Maharbek
Nikaev, Shamil
Gadzhiev, Kurban