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UFC 203's Mickey Gall on CM Punk: We're probably undeserving of PPV slot

UFC 203's Mickey Gall spoke with Bloody Elbow's Eddie Mercado about his upcoming match with WWE superstar CM Punk on September 10, 2016.

The man selected to welcome the professional wrestler turned professional fighter CM Punk to the octagon at UFC 203 is the 2-0 New Jersey native Mickey Gall. Gall was discovered on the show Dana White: Lookin' for a Fight as he won by first round Rear-Naked-Choke and immediately put his name in the hat to face the WWE superstar in Punk. Mickey Gall vs. Phil Brooks, or CM Punk, will take place at UFC 203 on September 10, 2016 and air live on PPV. Bloody Elbow's Eddie Mercado caught up with Mickey Gall to discuss his UFC career and his thoughts on opponent CM Punk.

Interview: Mickey Gall on CM Punk UFC 203

Mickey Gall provided his earnest opinion on fighting a professional debuting CM Punk in a UFC Pay-Per-View:

"It's a big jump. We're probably not deserving of being on the Pay-Per-View. It's hard to say because he's a superstar, made himself a superstar in his sport. Between us, he has no fights, I have two professional fights and three amateur fights. There's not going to be anyone else on any Pay-Per-View probably this year with 5 fights or less combined. So it's a little funky but I'm grateful for the opportunity and I'm very excited to fight in front of the big crowd under the lights. I can't wait man. That's why I got into this sport."

The New Jersey native Gall gave his thoughts on the added media obligations:

"I'm talking to people who love fighting just like I do. They want to talk to me about stuff that I love to do. It's all good man. I really enjoy it. Some people complain and this and that; I truly enjoy it. I like talking about it."

Gall spoke to the stigma associated with being the guy that is fighting CM Punk:

"Right now I'm that CM Punk guy and that's cool. That's helping me get to where I want to be but I guarantee in my next fights after this, I won't be known as that anymore. That'll just be just like a footnote. I have big plans in fighting so it's just a launching pad."

Tune in to UFC 203 to catch Mickey Gall welcoming CM Punk to the world of professional mixed martial arts, live on Pay-Per-View on September 10, 2016. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for all of your event coverage including interviews, results, highlights, and more! The full interview can be seen at the top of the page.