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UFC 202 Video: Media Day staredowns

Staredowns for all the UFC 202 fighters, except the main and co-main events from their fight week media day.

UFC 202 fight week is in full swing with all the events, hype, and shoulder programming we've come to expect. And one of the major points of every big UFC fight week are the media day staredowns. Before the fighters make weight, before they lace up the gloves (or tape them up as is the MMA way), before they step in the cage, they get a chance to look each other in the eye and get a few dozen photos taken. McGregor & Diaz and Teixeira & Johnson aren't in the video above, but you can check out all the rest of the card squaring off.

UFC 202 goes down this Saturday, August 20th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here's the card as it looks right now:

PPV Card

FS1 Prelims

Fight Pass Prelims