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UFC 202 Video: Nate Diaz's coach on press conference walkout: 'It wasn't planned at all'

Boxing coach Richard Perez explains why Nate Diaz decided to walkout of the UFC 202 pre-fight press conference.

Things had already begun to heat up during Wednesday’s UFC 202 pre-fight press conference in Las Vegas. After a bottle throwing war ensued between members of the Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz camps, UFC president Dana White was forced to cut the said media event short.

"The Notorious" came in a half an hour late, stating he was caught up in the traffic brought about by "having a McGregor show in town." Once he arrived, Diaz then had the urge to just get up and leave.

"It as a spontaneous thing," Perez told Submission Radio. "It wasn’t planned at all. McGregor, I guess he thinks he’s the king and can come in when he wants. Nathan was sitting just there talking, he didn’t care. And then when he came in, then he just said, you know what, it’s my turn to leave."

According to Ricky Funez of the Ten Goose Boxing gym in Van Nuys, Diaz was already walking around close to 200 pounds, which at the time was still three weeks away from fight night. Perez, however, disputed such claims.

"He’s not 200 pounds. What happened was, he sparred some guys and he hits really hard, but he was like 179-176 (pounds), something like that – and they just said he hit like a 200-pounder. But he wasn’t 200 pounds. Never. Not even close."

"I think right now he said he was 172 (pounds)."

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